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New albums of a beloved artist feel like the beginnings of new seasons of life. After listening to an artist for long enough, each of their albums has an associated time period and memories attached that flood back with every listen. I get excited to have a new period of life to associate with an album and make memories of the songs like a soundtrack to life.

It’s been six years since the world was graced with new music from Adele. Six years and a global pandemic later, I think it’s safe to say we all need some Adele music to cry and heal to.

In a recent post on Instagram, Adele teased her upcoming song “Easy On Me” with a clip of a music video in which Adele is driving down a dirt road in an old pickup truck with music sheets flying out of the window. The song was released on October 15th. Adele has been heavily promoting new music, including billboards popping up in major cities with the number “30” on them, hinting at another album to add to her age-related discography, and a cover feature in the October issue of Vogue. The album comes out on November 19th.

In preparation for new music, I’ve been deep in my feelings listening to her music to date. I’ve been a long-time fan of Adele’s, however, more recently I had taken an unintended break from listening, and boy am I glad to be back. Her albums are timeless and moving. In honour of her upcoming album, here are my top five favourite Adele songs.

Number One: “Someone Like You”

“Someone Like You” is one of the first songs that made me love Adele as an artist. One of her masterpieces, this song is heartbreaking, both in the lyrics and vocals.

Number Two: “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

This song is like a breath of fresh air. It’s about letting go and finding peace over a past relationship. The song embodies a kind of acceptance, forgiveness, and healing that is incredibly relevant to many areas of life, so naturally, it’s a great belting-in-the-car song.

Number Three: “When We Were Young”

The complementarity of the beautiful rhythm of the song and the painful theme and lyrics hits the sweet spot for a perfect song to cry to. I adore how candid and vulnerable this song is. It expresses the fear one might feel for getting older, the morning of a lost version of oneself and the end of a relationship.

Number Four: “One and Only”

This ballad from Adele’s “21” emotionally and beautifully conveys the vulnerability of relationships as Adele asks someone to love her. It’s smooth and almost jazz-like, and one of my favourites from the album.

Number Five: “Make You Feel My Love”

“Make You Feel My Love” is a classic love song and a. cover of Bob Dylan’s. Adele’s version so beautifully suits her. I argue her ability to make it her own adds depth to the song and is a testament to Adele’s talent.

Celia Callaghan

Queen's U '23

Celia Callaghan is in her third year of Commerce at Queen’s University.
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