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Playlists for Every Mood this November

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If there’s one thing that can make almost any situation a little better, it’s a good playlist. I love collecting playlists, listening to movie soundtracks, and making my own. A well-curated playlist can transform an environment to match the mood or create one. I attribute a lot of my energy in university to the music I listen to in the morning to get myself ready for the day, the music I play while studying to help me focus and feel comforted, and the music I listen to while getting ready in my bedroom for a night out in. Good music is a little act of self-care that we all could use this November. I hope these playlists add a little joy to your life as they do to mine. 

The Study Playlist

You’re sitting down to study, coffee or beverage beside you, and it’s time to grind. Listen to this playlist that features a mix of beautiful songs that aren’t too distracting. 

11 pm Studying When it’s Actually a Vibe

It’s honestly the best feeling when it’s 11 pm and you’re surprisingly getting your work done with ease. Here’s a playlist of songs that match the relaxing energy of these moments. Curl up in a cozy room in your house, put on a few lamps for the best lighting, and finish up your last tasks before bed.

When You Decide to Go Out Last Minute 

We’ve all had weeks where we tell our friends that we just can’t go out this weekend. Then Saturday night comes along and you just can’t turn down the jam-packed itinerary. While you’re getting reading at the last minute, blast some music and open a drink of choice. During these moments, feeling good is more important than looking good, so good music is key to setting the tone for the night. 

For the Dreaded Walk to Stauffer 

Whether you’re dreading this walk or looking forward to some fresh air before studying, I recommend your comforting and uplifting songs for the trek. My comfort music is Taylor Swift and her songs are my faves at the moment. 

Christmas Time 

I did in fact start listening to Christmas music the Sunday of Halloweekend. In my opinion, if it makes you happy, then capitalize on that time to really enjoy it. Christmas and the holidays are my favourite things to look forward to during the rougher weeks of November. 

Celia Callaghan

Queen's U '23

Celia Callaghan is in her third year of Commerce at Queen’s University.
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