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Let’s Talk About the Euphoria Season 2 Finale

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Let’s talk about the Euphoria finale…wow. 

The final episode of Euphoria's second season was a rollercoaster that stirred up a vast range of emotions that had me physically speechless. The episode bounced between emotional, lighthearted and tense scenes that kept me on edge until the finish. 

In this episode, we got to see Cal and Nate interact in a genuine conversation without their usual level of toxic masculinity. Cal getting arrested was one of the more satisfying moments of the series finale. Watching Nate hold his dad accountable felt incredibly satisfying to watch as a viewer. Although Nate's actions shouldn't be treated as a redemption arch– let’s not forget all the horrible things Nate has done.

Despite the split in viewer opinion, I found that Dominic Fike’s character serenading the audience was the exact break we needed after the heavy start to the episode. The same can be said about Zendaya when she sings Labyrinth's "I'm Tired" as the show closed on a sober Rue narrating from the future. Seeing Rue interact with many of the characters in a wholesome way in this episode felt rewarding after watching her struggle so much. After seeing her struggle, it seems that loving certain people in her life from a distance seems like a good choice for her to maintain her sobriety.

And what isn't there to say about Cassie during this (and every) episode, as the season progressed it was hard to imagine how Cassie could fall even deeper into her mess. Regardless, she continuously surprises the audience as she continues to reach new lows. Humiliating Lexi in front of the school was the cherry on top of the broken relationships she created a trail of. The Cassie and Maddy showdown was exactly what we hoped for – and Maddy delivered, as always.

We cannot talk about this episode without mentioning Fez and Ashtray. I genuinely have no words, other than to say the acting was unbelievable. The feeling of absolute devastation Angus Cloud portrayed when begging Ashtray not to instigate the situation was heartbreaking. If Fez survives the gunshot wound, his path will get darker after the loss of his brother. One thing I’m not looking forward to is Lexi’s reaction to finding out everything about what happened with Fez and Ashtray.

Despite the rollercoaster and the many cliffhangers we were left with, finishing the season knowing Rue is doing considerably better is a reminder that, as Zendaya said in an Instagram post, "we are not defined by the worst mistakes we’ve ever made".

Leyou Andualem

Queen's U '24

Leyou is a second-year student at Queen's. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and listening to Taylor Swift.
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