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Campus Cutie: Laura Tang


Name: Laura Tang

Faculty: Science

Year: 2nd

Hometown: Vancouver, BC


1. If school weren’t a thing right now and you could be anywhere, where would we find you and why?

I would be home for five minutes to say hi to my mom, dad, and favourite little sister, and then I’d be somewhere incredible-- the Grand Canyon which I’ve always wanted to see or hanging out with bears from a safe distance in Yosemite. I like the idea of fishing although I’ve never caught a fish, and we went out on Lake Mead one summer where you’re surrounded by beautiful waters and canyons and basking in the sun or swimming alongside the boat-- I would actually definitely be there right now.


2. What is your favourite thing about being here at Queens?

The sun and how everything feels spread out here in Ontario. I love mountains and have had them there in the distance just about everywhere I’ve been, but I love how the world looks here when it just keeps going as far as you can see.


3. What’s a book that you love?

My favourite book is this one I picked up probably nine years ago called Smiles To Go by Jerry Spinelli. Smartest child’s perspective on life and stars and protons and best friends I’ve ever heard, still learn from it every time.


4. What’s your favourite colour?

When the sun shines through curtains and the sky on a clear night.


5. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I love horses, they’re so calm and powerful and free. I always thought I’d be a dolphin but now I don’t think I’d like to be under the sea all the time. Also, sharks.


6. Something that changed your life?

There are two clubs at Queen’s that I joined last year where we went to a local elementary school and provided students with breakfast or took on a role as a “big buddy”, helping out with school work and being a friend and role model to children who can be considered more at risk. The amazing child whose life I got to be a part of because of these made me realize I want to change the whole world for children.

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