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With finals season approaching, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the assignments due and readings to do. These tips can help you maximize your productivity and minimize stress!

1. Minimize distractions

While it may seem obvious, sometimes we need to hear this again. Can’t seem to resist checking your social media? Use site-blockers or download an app like Offtime, which blocks distractions and facilitates productivity.

2. Try the Pomodoro technique

25 minutes of work, 5 minute break, repeat. Breaking work into shorter periods with more frequent small breaks can increase concentration and retention, making studying more effective and less boring!

3. Make specific lists

Each night, make a checklist of 3-5 things you want (or need) to accomplish the next day. Bonus points if you schedule a specific time in your day to complete each task. Keep it realistic and specific, eliminating any room for excuses.

4. Stop multitasking

The best way to get everything done is by not trying to get it done all at once. Concentrating on one thing at a time increases the likelihood that you’ll actually complete it!

5. Start. Right. Now.

This is the only way to avoid the inevitable stress and regret that comes from procrastinating. Do your future self a favour and study a little everyday, starting today!

Lauren is a first-year student in the Queen's Commerce program. She loves reading and listening to other's ideas and also sharing her own! Her favourite things include the beach, music, hiking and writing for HerCampus Queen's of course!
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