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5 Bullet Journal Spreads You Never Knew You Needed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

At the beginning of my university career, I was constantly disorganized and struggled to find a system that worked for me. Like many others, bullet journaling was my saving grace because it allowed me to tailor my planner to exactly what I needed. Over my last two years of journaling, I’ve integrated a number of spreads on a whim that ended up being integral to my ability to live my life day to day, and now I can’t imagine what it would be like without them! Consider trying some of these out yourself, whether in a full-blown bullet journal or just in the notes on your phone to help you get more organized.

1. Grocery shopping tracker

Creating a grocery list is nothing new and something most people do without thinking about. However, before making this tracker, I always struggled to remember when I last went grocery shopping and how much I should’ve expected to spend every time I walked into the local Metro. Writing down every time you go grocery shopping, where you went, and how much you spent will make both budgeting and scheduling your time much easier! By the end of the semester you’ll have an accurate picture of how much you spent on food, as well as how frequently you visited the grocery store.

2. Wishlist broken down by needs and wants

Everyone has a wishlist in mind – a new pair of boots or that cute sweater you saw on sale are definitely things you don’t want to forget about. By breaking down this list by things you actually need to have versus things that would just be nice to have, you can make sure you’re using your money more wisely while still treating yourself from time to time!

3. Household payment tracker

Having housemates is complicated, especially in university when everyone is on a student budget. Splitting household necessities like utilities, internet, and even groceries can be complicated when there are numerous people involved. By keeping a monthly tally of what payments were made and who has paid who will help keep everyone on track and avoid any in-house tension!

4. Readings checklist

Every university student knows the perils of trying to stay on top of readings for every single one of their classes throughout the semester. By creating a week-by-week schedule of assigned readings for all of your classes at the beginning of the semester, you can remove the stress of figuring out what you need to do and just get started! Checking off readings once they’re done is also hugely satisfying, and I think everyone enjoys the little victories in life like these.

5. Period tracker

For all of us menstrual cycle-having folks out there, your period can easily become forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of a busy semester. By keeping track of your period month to month, you can better predict your next upcoming cycle, as well as keep an eye on any sudden changes or abnormalities. Not only will this help you plan better, it will help you take better care of your body with a quick and easy spread!

Meaghan C

Queen's U '20