5 Stickers You Need Right Now

If you ever see me walking around with my laptop, the first thing you are going to see are the stickers that cover the front of my computer.  I absolutely love sticker shopping, and this is a trend I don’t see going away anytime soon.  These stickers have been a great conversation starter with people as they can see shared common interests and the things someone else likes just by looking at the front of their laptop.  So here is a list of some of my favorite stickers, all from my favorite site, Red bubble.  

  1. Flowers:  From cherry blossoms to sunflowers, Red bubble has hundreds of choices when it comes to flowers, and I love the beauty and simplicity of a bright flower.  

  2. Vines:  These stickers are something that most people first point out when they look at my laptop since most of these quotes are extremely relatable.  Anybody who gets the reference, is officially my friend, as I am obsessed with vines. Pretty much any vine you can think of, red bubble has.  

  3. Animals/ Puns: I am a lover of animals and puns, so if you're like me these stickers are a great way to give yourself a small smile in the middle of a stressful lecture or paper and remind yourself that you are doing just fine. 

  4. TV shows: Now these are the stickers that truly help bond me with other people and get the most attention on my laptop.  Whether it’s my quotes from the office or my New Girl reference, people who love these shows as well will often comment on this and a new friend is born.  

  5. Quotes: Whether its an empowering girl power quote, something you say all the time (my personal mantra: I’m fine, it’s fine, everything is fine), or a Disney quote, Red bubble has every quote in every font you could imagine, giving you the ability to inspire yourself to finish that homework assignment tonight.  So, whether it’s my favorite Netflix show or hobby, I love using laptop stickers to show off my personality and make my laptop something I want to look at when I pick it up for class every day. Simply type in Red bubble into your search bar, and let the shopping begin!