Freshman Guide to White Plains

You’ve been to the Elephant Tree, you’ve partied in the Olde, and you’re already using those free absences for class. So what’s there to do? Well, get yourself on the Loop (now that the big bus is back) and explore White Plains.
White Plains is huge. Like, 57,000 people huge. So it’s disconcerting on where to start if you’ve just got to have a new pair of black skinny jeans or stock up on organic produce. Luckily, Her Campus has got you covered.

The Westchester
If you’re the average college student (aka broke, penniless, destitute), then the Westchester is probably not where you’re going to shop. Here you’ll find Armani Exchange, Gucci, and Lucky Brand Jeans. Make sure you’re not wearing what you salvaged at the thrift store if you’re going to try to rub shoulders with the elite shoppers of Westchester County.
Places to shop in the Westchester: Abercrombie, Anthropologie (though your wallet will cry), Apple, Ben & Jerry’s, dELIAs, Express, Gap, MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Teavana, Verizon Wireless, Victoria’s Secret
The Galleria
Much more affordable than the Westchester, but don’t go alone if you can avoid it. Six years ago, a woman Concetta Russo-Carriero, was stabbed to death in the parking garage*. Aside from that, it’s a good place to pick up clothes for the adventurous fashionista. Though the main attraction, Forever 21, is currently undergoing renovations.
Places to shop in the Galleria: American Eagle Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Hot Topic, Macys, Old Navy, PacSun, Payless ShoeSource, Rainbow, Sears, Victoria’s Secret
City Center
Not quite a mall, but definitely an essential part of your shopping experience. Here they have a movie theater (discounted tickets on Tuesday!), Barnes & Noble, ShopRite, Applebee’s, and Target (which now has groceries too), in addition to a few other miscellaneous stores.
Other places of interest
Stop&Shop, Whole Foods (get off at the Westchester bus stop), Big Joe & Sons Tattoo, Addicted to Ink, numerous restaurants.