Facing the Mirror Part 1: Gabriele Fiore Boland

The writers of Her Campus Purchase know all too well how much time can be wasted loathing our physical appearance, rather than embracing the unique beauty we possess. In our new column, "Facing the Mirror," we hope that by sharing our personal insecurities and the parts of us that we adore, our readers will be inspired to do the same. So take a look in the mirror, smile, and own the beauty you have.

Every time I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook, I instantly scrutinize it, zoning in on the tiniest thing that makes me look awful.
Why did I wear that? Ugh, I really need to get my brows done. Hey there, toothpick arms. 
Sometimes I’ll scroll back to early pictures from high school and just feel like I looked like the Frump Girl of the century.
Too often, we look in the mirror and groan at some miniscule, perceived imperfection. My teeth are too yellow. My hair is so frizzy. And won’t this little potbelly ever just disappear?
I think we need to stop hating ourselves for things that don’t matter to anyone else but ourselves. Pull up your Facebook pictures. Get up, look at yourself in the mirror and count down from ten, with a smile on your dazzling face. I want you to find three things that you love about your body.
Don’t be shy. Sell yourself and really brag! Come on, I’ll start us off, okay?
I love my smile. I love the way it lights up my entire face. I love that I can see my gorgeous Nonna in my face. My eyes become almond-shaped with dark chocolate irises that have no ending.
I love my hands. They’re tiny but strong – my Grammy’s hands. They allow me to write, to doodle in the margins of all my notes, to make friendship bracelets, and to reach out a reassuring hand to a friend.
I love my nose. It used to be perfectly straight, but some time when I was younger, it developed just a hint of an Italian arch. I love the little freckle on the side – an adornment that satisfies my rebellious urge to have a pierced nose. And of course, my trusty honker lets me breathe, so there’s another positive.
Your turn now! What are three things you love about your body?