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Spotted on Campus: Risa Zucker

Penn State student designer Risa Zucker gives Her Campus the inside scoop on her trendy headbands and her mission to make her dreams a reality.

Her Campus PSU: How did you get into designing headbands?
Risa Zucker: Fashion and drawing have always been passions of mine. Two summers ago I took a fashion design class in Florence, Italy, and I fell in love. I’ve been playing around with designs and a needle and thread ever since.

HC PSU: What inspires your designs?
Zucker: Honestly, anything I love and think other people would love to wear. Nothing simple! Anything fun and flirty.

HC PSU: Why did you choose to design headbands?
Zucker: My first headband was something I made for myself! My friends took notice and started asking for me to make them some. I began making and selling headbands to all of my friends, my sisters’ friends and colleagues.

HC PSU: What makes headbands special?
Zucker: They add a glamorous twist to any outfit at an affordable price. This summer I paired them with jeans and a T-shirt while my sister would wear them to work and then out in New York City with her friends. They are one of the most versatile accessories.

HC PSU: What do you hope to do in the future? Are clothes in the works or do you want to stick to making accessories?
Zucker: My sister and I have always wanted to have our own clothing store as well as our own line of clothing and accessories. The success of these headbands has given me confidence, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make that dream happen!

The original version of this article appeared in the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Valley magazine, Penn State’s life and style publication.

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