7 Reasons Why State College Desperately Needs A Cat Café

You might not have to wait until the holidays to snuggle up with a furry friend. That’s right, State College could be opening up a cat café in the near future! Just in case that’s not convincing enough, here’s 10 more reasons we NEED these cats to come to State College.


  1. 1. What better way to de-stress than to pet a personal fluffball?

  2. 2. The admission fee supports the search of a potential owner!

    How could you say no to this face?

  3. 3. Coffee and Cats. Why would you want to miss out on that?

    No more Starbucks before class!

  4. 4. Miss your pets from home? Look no further.

  5. 5. It’s the perfect place to convince your friends that cats ARE in fact, better than dogs.

    Will they finally cave into the cat lifestyle?

  6. 6. It gives rescued cats exposure to adoption!

    Put the adoption part on hold until you’re settled down of course.

  7. 7. Who better to give these cats love and affection than us?

    Clearly nobody.