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10 Holiday Gifts That Are Worth the Splurge

Since Halloween has officially passed, we are in full-swing of the holiday season! Once November comes around, I usually spend most of my time planning how I would like to spend my time and spend my money for the holidays. I love to give gifts, so most of the time, I do a lot of research to make sure that my loved ones will cherish their gifts to its fullest potential.

In my opinion, it is completely justifiable to spend more money on a gift of quality (if it lives up to its price). In this way, I’ve compiled a list of ten gifts that are worth the splurge for you or your loved ones to enjoy!

puffer jackeT

Once the temperature drops below 40 degrees, do you avoid going outdoors because it’s too cold to bear? If so, you and millions of other people have most likely experienced the frigid winter winds that sweatshirts and beanies cannot prevent.

Before I invested in a high quality jacket, I thought the winter was the worst season. However, after receiving a parka for Christmas in high school, I realized that winter is an amazing season and my former jackets did not have enough insulation.

The beauty of a puffer jacket, such as the one below, is that you will be warm and fashionable. I don’t think that puffer jackets ever went out of fashion but they certainly are more popular now than years before.

This is the perfect gift for yourself if you try to avoid winter months at all costs. A puffer jacket is like buying a parka but without absolutely breaking your bank account. I guarantee that these next few months will be twice as appealing as it was before once you step outside in a high-quality puffer.

Smart shopper tip: Major retail stores will offer puffer jackets at discount prices on Black Friday. Try to avoid shopping in-person at all costs to receive the best deals online. Be sure to read the materials on your prospective jacket; animal fabrics such as goose down and duck feathers are more expensive than synthetic down materials. It’s up to you to decide on whether a jacket is worth $70 more because it uses goose feathers (personally, I think it makes all the difference.)


I have full confidence to say that this is the best brand on the market for curly-haired men and women. For years I have been searching for products that will amplify my curls with a color-safe formula. If you are in the same boat, look no further. Tracie Ellis Ross’ haircare line, Pattern Beauty, is by far the best brand for those who are blessed to have curly hair.

These products are on the pricier side ranging from $15 to $50 for shampoos, conditioners, creams and more. If you don’t believe me, try out one of their trial-sized kits! You can be the judge.

Smart shopper tip: Check out your local T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods or Ross to see if they have any Pattern Beauty products in-stock. I typically buy at these stores because they are up to 70% cheaper than Ulta Beauty or Sephora.


As a kid, I dreaded the socks I received from my parents every year for Christmas. I don’t really blame 10-year-old me for disregarding those bulk-sized socks, I mean what kid dreams of warm feet when they could dream of new clothes for their American Girl Doll?

That being said, my admiration for Bombas began in high school when my father stuck a few pairs of their socks in our stockings. Upon trying these new socks on, I realized that this company completely re-shaped my perception of socks from a necessity to a luxury.

The best part of Bombas is that they donate a pair of socks to an individual experiencing homelessness for every pair you buy. The world’s best socks company is also raising awareness to the growing concern of individuals without permanent homes? Talk about a win-win situation.

My family is so in love with Bombas that we gift these socks to each other at every Christmas as a tradition. The only chance that my inner 10-year-old attitude about socks would resurface is if I forgot to place an order in time on their website!

Smart shopper tip: Bombas socks are available online. I have yet to see Bombas in retail stores outside of Manhattan, so be sure to plan for shipping if you decide to gift these lovely socks to yourself or a loved one!


We all know Uggs. You either love them, or you hate them. For me, they are the savior of the winter boot industry with versatility throughout their entire catalog.

Personally, I think that people who aren’t fans of Uggs deny their feet from true warmth and comfort during the cold season. Some may think that Uggs are not in style, but I think they can be just as chic as uncomfortable, leather boots if you style them correctly.

My favorite product from Ugg is the Classic Mini II Boot, which retails for about $150. Two years ago, I received these boots for Christmas in a beautiful limited-edition sage green color and they have been my go-to winter boot ever since.

The best part about these boots is that they have a tab on the rear that helps you slip on the boots without any struggles. I wear my Classic Mini II Boots to every 9 a.m. class I have once it reaches October.

Smart shopper tip: Find discounted styles at the Ugg outlet store closest to you. If you don’t have access to one, check out retailers such as Nordstrom Rack and Saks OFF 5th for more holiday deals on these notorious shoes.

Want these boots to last for years without damages, especially those pesky water stains? Purchase an Ugg Care Kit to make sure your gift stays fresh. You can also buy other waterproof shoe products, but make sure they are safe to use on sheepskin.

drybar’s double shot hair styler

Earlier this year, I decided to splurge on a hair styler that people with curly hair were raving about on TikTok. It’s very rare that I can find a hair appliance that works just as well on curly hair as it does on straight hair. Ethnically, my hair has a completely different structure than straight hair so some products just don’t work for me because they are marketed towards thin and/or straight hair.

If you choose to buy Drybar’s Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush, you will receive a 30-day warranty if you do not like it. Since the product retails for $150, this warranty made me confident in my purchase since I had little hope that it would actually straighten my hair.

To my surprise, this styler made my hair look absolutely stunning. When I blow dry my own hair, it takes me around two hours to achieve the look I want. This includes shampooing multiple times to get any curl product out, blow drying until my arms collapse and flat ironing to finish off with a smooth look.

The process of blow drying my own hair before I got this styler is the reason why I went to the salon and paid upwards of $70 to achieve a silky, straight look. Now, I can achieve that look pretty much whenever I please.

I will say that the process still takes me around an hour to make sure my hair is exactly how I want it to be. This may seem like a long time for some people, but buying this product dramatically saved me time and money!

Smart shopper tip: If you are an Ulta Beauty member, see if you can redeem any points online for this product. If not, ask a friend to refer you and/or check to see what their holiday deals are! Even if you end up paying full price, you will still receive a 30-day warranty just in case you decide this styling product isn’t for you.


If you’re a newbie to buying concert tickets, I got your back with this helpful guide. First of all, whether you want to buy concert tickets for yourself or your loved ones, make sure you do enough research to make sure what artist you want to see, where you want to see them and when tickets go on sale.

You have the best chance of getting concert tickets at a pre-sale. Go to the artist’s website and find out information about which ticket website the pre-sale will go live on. You will most likely have to sign up for this in advance, so make sure you’re prepared! I advise you to log on to the pre-sale at least 20 minutes early to secure some tickets.

If the tickets are already on sale, check websites such at Seat Geek and Vivid Seats for re-sale tickets. For popular artists such as Harry Styles, it will be extremely tricky to find tickets at an affordable price.

I received Harry Styles Concert Tickets as a Christmas gift in 2019 and finally got to see him a few weeks ago. Thanks to my experience of buying concert tickets in the past, I scored general admission to see him live in Boston at a pre-sale.

Seeing my favorite artist perform live was a moment that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I highly encourage you to gift concert tickets this holiday season for yourself or a loved one!

Smart shopper tip: If you have an American Express card you automatically have access to Ticketmaster’s pre-sales. Check out the upcoming pre-sales to see if there are any potential opportunities for you to buy tickets!


Despite my fondness for Calvin Klein’s cotton underwear, I decided tot go ahead and try some underwear from Skims this past summer. Whether you like the Kardashian-Jenner family or not, Kim’s new clothing and underwear line was impossible to ignore on social media.

Kim Kardashian absolutely hit the nail on the head when she made this brand to cater to women of all sizes. If you go on the website, you can see diverse models ranging from XXS to 4X. Every product can be seen on different models if you want to see how a certain product looks like in your size.

In addition, the “Fits Everybody” collection has the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. I love how they offer underwear in neutral tones as well as vibrant colors.

Smart shopper tip: Bundle and save on select items as a gift for yourself or your significant other. Don’t want to spend that much money on some underwear? Buy some of their top-rated face masks for a significant other!


Trust me, I am not one to splurge on an expensive phone case or laptop case. This is coming from the girl who has consistently used a $5 clear iPhone case from Walmart for the past five years. However, upon breaking my phone this past September, I decided that I wanted a new case to go along with my new phone.

I’ve stumbled across Maison de Sabrés personalized products being used by various influencers on TikTok such as Addison Rae. They are most known for their phone cases, but also offer laptop cases, AirPod cases, clutches and more.

Every product is made with genuine Italian leather and can be monogrammed at no additional cost. For my order, the total came to $70 with free shipping. Given the quality of my phone case and the protective barrier, I have no regrets on this splurge!

Another reason I love this company is because they communicate so well with their customers. My shipment was delayed by two weeks, so they send me a $30 gift voucher I can use towards another purchase for a loved one this holiday season!

Smart shopper tip: Check out which influencers sponsor Maison de Sabré so you can score a promotion code towards your next purchase! Be sure to plan ahead because Maison de Sabré is based in Australia, so shipping will take a few weeks to reach the U.S.


Congratulations, you’ve made it this far to an item that is currently on my gift guide for friends and family! Although I can’t review a certain brand of cowgirl boots, I can definitely support the idea of gifting these to one of your loved ones.

A pair of cowgirl boots are perfect for the person in your life who participates in trends but doesn’t want to spend their money on an item that will fall out of style. Cowgirl boots have always been cute, but in 2021 we are just seeing them styled differently.

I consider myself to be the opposite of Southern, however, I love the idea of cowgirl boots paired with a metropolitan-chic or cottage-core aesthetic.

If you’re looking for some cowgirl boots that will match with neutral outfits, I would opt for these Billini Urson boots. If you’re like me and would like a little more spunk with an urban twist, these Jeffrey Campbell sneaker boots have been on my mind for quite some time now.

Smart shopper tip: You can find neat cowgirl boots at basically any thrift store. Search for some consignment shops near you since they typically carry cowgirl boots too!


This gift idea is great for a group of friends or a significant other who you’ve been planning to adventure with! Even if it’s not a surprise, chipping in to spend some time on a road trip is an ultimate holiday gift.

For this holiday season, I’m planning to go to Vermont with my significant other. We both plan on giving each other gifts, but splitting the cost of a weekend getaway is definitely our main present for one another. I’m so excited to make some memories with him this December!

I also suggest travelling somewhere for New Year’s Eve. Celebrating the new year in a beautiful place, whether it is the city or the country, will be a core memory for you and your loved ones.

Smart shopper tip: If you’re not fond of spending the night in a hotel, check out Airbnb and Vrbo for their latest vacation rentals! I think weekend getaways and road trips can be better if you’re staying in a cool home such as the one below. Also, make sure that your loved one is free if you are surprising them with a weekend getaway. Prepare all details of the trip so they don’t feel pressure and/or anxiety once you break the good news to them!

Thanks for reading my recommended holiday gifts that you can justify spending some extra cash on. If anyone questions or judges you for these purchases, just refer them to this article. Happy holidays, collegiettes!

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Arden Ericson intends to graduate from Penn State in 2023 with degrees in Public Relations and French Language. She is very passionate about social justice, literature, and music.
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