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Types of Friends as Told by the Office

1. The Attention Hog- Michael Scott

Michael is the boss of the group and loves to be the center of attention. He can get away with everything and can be really annoying when he tries to be funny. He is the type of friend that you all hate but also can’t live without because he really does mean well (most of the time).

The Way to Excited about Everything One- Andy Bernard

Andy tends to be the more extra friend of the group. With a sweet heart and a great voice, this friend will always try to brighten your worst days.

The Cool and Collected One- Jim Halpert

Jim is always laughing and joking with everyone in the office. He is the most liked out of all the friends and never fails to make a sarcastic comment or prank an unknowing victim. This friend is the type of person everyone wants to hang out with.

The Truthful One- Angela Martin

Angela does not take anyone’s crap. If she has something on her mind she will say it no matter how rude it really is. Even if you don’t ask, this friend has an opinion for everything. While you get offended by her and her eye rolls often, you are grateful for them in the end.

The Unpredictable One-  Dwight Schrute

Dwight is truly a unique character. His weirdness hits a new level with everything he does, but you can’t help but laugh. This is the type of friend that will do anything to impress someone and has a tough time taking a joke.

The Mom- Pam Beesly

Pam always gets stuck cleaning up everyone’s messes. She has to serve Michael Scott and all his annoying tendencies. If you ever have issues you know that Pam is the type of friend to turn to.

The Gossiper- Kelly Kapoor

Kelly is the one who could make rumors and spread them in seconds. Never tell this type of friend any of your secrets because they will talk about it to everyone they know

The Party-er: Meredith Palmer

Meredith is always raving. If you can’t find her, just assume that she is somewhere far away at a party.

The Party Hopper- Toby

Who’s Toby and who invited him to this party?

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