Roundup of the Best April Fools' Jokes by Businesses

I absolutely love when big corporations get in on the April Fools' jokes. In my opinion, it makes them more relatable while also giving me a good laugh. In many of the cases below, I would actually love if they were enacted. 

  1. 1. US Open Tennis

    The US Open said that they were going to add puppies to the ballperson team at the 2019 tournament for the first time. Incredible. If this was true, maybe I would watch a tennis match for the first time in my life. 

  2. 2. Tinder

    Tinder introduced Height Verification. This would end the constant wondering whether a guy is actually the height they say. 

  3. 3. World Scouting 

    World Scouting announced the first-ever Scout Camp in outer space. Many parents find it hard to send their kids to summer camp for a week, imagine them sending their kids to space. 

  4. 4. Starbucks

    Starbucks announced their newest concept stores: Starbucks just for your pup. These stores would cater just to dogs and provide them with WiFi, of course. Puppachinos for all!!

  5. 5. Special Constabulary 

    The official police account from Cambridgeshire announced their new drug sniffer: a rabbit named Benni. This is some major cuteness overload. 

  6. 6. International Cricket Council

    The ICC announced that players will now have their Instagram handles on the back of their Jerseys. Sounds like a great marketing technique to me!