Quick Summary of the Weather in Providence

Monday: Not sure, but there may be a tornado outside. Walking in a straight line is physically not possible, as the wind literally knocks you over every step. Hair game ruined. 

Tuesday: Ok so now that the wind is over, everything is fine again, right? WRONG. Today it is pouring. And i don't just mean pouring, I mean P-O-U-R-I-N-G. Like Niagara Falls type raining. This ruins everything: hair, shoes, clothes, and most of all, morale. 

Wednesday: Rain has stopped, life is good. But you better pull out your winter parka, because it is about -20 degrees. Wake up wondering if you flew to Antarctica in your sleep. Nothing makes sense anymore and you think of moving to Hawaii

Thursday: Finally, the sun is out and it is beautiful. So beautiful that all the lawns at school are covered with students out lounging and relaxing. This spring weather makes everyone so happy and relaxed. 

Just make sure to prepare yourself, because tomorrow will probably bring some unexpected weather...