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Finals Week as Told by Christmas Movies

Friday before the first exam: I made it through the semester! All my classes are done! But the worst is coming.


Saturday: This day consists of not knowing where to start studying. After procrastinating on all forms of social media for 5 hours, you realize that you maybe want to try for a little. After trying to remember all of Aristotle’s and Descartes’s ideas, you hold back the stress tears and call it a night.

Sunday: To get a classroom in Ruane, waking up early is a must. Too bad you shut your alarm of 5 times and it is now 12 pm. This is unfortunate considering you have to memorize all of western civilization by tomorrow morning. You settle for a weirdly placed table in the library and try not to get distracted by anything, which is hard, because a literal rock could probably take away your attention. After hitting up Ray for midnight breakfast, you complete your last cram session and say a little prayer that things don’t go as bad as you think.

Monday: Waking up at 7:30, you feel slightly nauseous. Its ok though, because you got this! Rereading the notes, you have your last review. Once the blue books are passed out, it’s time to crush this. After the exam, you realize that nobody put down the same answers, but still feel relieved because one final is down! Also, no finals tomorrow, so you feel like watching Netflix is acceptable for a little (aka binge watching for 5 hours).

Tuesday: Waking up, you realize that you still have 3 more exams. Not sure if you’re going to make it, you mistakenly take way too long of a nap and panic. Hit the books!

Wednesday-Friday: 1 day feels like a year at this rate, but the thought of Christmas keeps you going. After a lot of coffee, junk food and no sleep, you finally have one final left.

Saturday: If you are as unlucky as me and have a final on a Saturday every semester, then you know what it is like. All your friends are home with their dogs and you are still studying in the library with the few other sad souls that remain. After handing in that last final, you feel like a million bucks that have been run over by a 18 wheeler semi truck. At least you are alive! Now go make some Christmas cookies and forget everything you just spent 4 months learning!

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