Dorm Decorating for the Holidays

My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorating my room. It brings so much cheer and makes any dorm room seem so much warmer and homier. While paper deadlines and finals approach, decorating with red and green can brighten your spirits!!

Here are some cheap and quick ways to get ready for Christmas:


1. Christmas Lights

Hang these all over everything. You don’t have enough until you can’t see the ceiling or walls at all.

2. Garland

This decoration is easy to find in any craft store. Hang them up along the window for a classy Christmas look.

3. Paper Snowflakes

These are super easy to make and look really pretty hung up all around the room. You can make really intricate and pretty snowflakes with a basic sheet of paper.

4. Decorate your Door

Grab some Christmas wrapping paper to make your room seem like a gift! You can even go all out and make a fireplace with stockings.


5. Balsam and Cedar Scent

While this isn’t exactly a decoration, no Christmas looking room would seem right without the smell of a Christmas tree! Yankee Candle sells some good spray scents that are to die for.