Choose YouTube Over Netflix this Summer!

Summer is Here!! For some that means a warm weather get-away, for many of us it means home, bed, and Netflix; while figuring out what to watch after you’ve finished every season of Greek, Gossip Girl, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and Orange is the New Black, give Netflix a break and get on YouTube! Just as there are many series available on Netflix, there are so many Beauty Gurus on YouTube to choose from so here are just a few of my favorite Beauty Gurus who have enough videos uploaded to keep you entertained all break long. These Youtubers give great product recommendations, awesome make-up application tips and tutorials, and each let their original personalities shine through in their videos.

Jaclyn Hill:  “Queen Jaclyn” is one of the most popular and well-known beauty gurus on YouTube; she has over a million subscribers. Jaclyn Hill is my go-to YouTuber, she constantly posts new product reviews and make-up tutorials; her tutorials range anywhere from a light and everyday look to a dark and cool smokey-eye fit for a night time look.


Casey Holmes: If you’re into a flawless full coverage face with a vampy lip, Casey Holmes is your girl! While she has a variety of reviews and hauls on her channel, she has various glam tutorials to choose from to re-create the perfect look for a night out.


Nicole Guerriero: Nicole has her own skincare line. Along with her bright tutorials, she has many skincare, and hair styling videos for long and short hair. She has so many fun tutorials and loves adding a pop of color to each look. Perfect for Spring!


MannyMUA: Last, but not least, MANNY! Manny is hysterical, everything about this guy is just perfect; he’s funny, he’s glamorous, and fabulous and does not care at all about the haters or what anyone has to say about him being a man that wears make-up! Manny is an incredible artist with an even better personality.


Who will you be watching?