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10 Reasons to be Thankful You’re a Friar

  1. We are a D1 school ~ This reason is pretty obvious. Attending a D1 school with teams that are actually good is most definitely something to be thankful for, the intense atmosphere of the PC basketball games is certainly not found at every school. Go Friars!!!!

  2. Friars Hold doors for each other ~ This simple tradition may sound corny, but I personally love when someone smiles and holds the door for me especially when  i’m running late to class, or if I’ve had a bad day. The simple exchange of smiles can lighten the mood and also distract from whatever stressful or negative thoughts are racing through your brain (even if it’s just for a moment). Plus the Slavin glass doors are heavy!

  3. We’re a Friar Family ~ We’re a family! Even after graduation we stay members of the Friar Family. Included in our Friar Family are successful PC alumni who are known for being key resources for PC grads. The connections alone are something to be grateful for.

  4. Opportunities after graduation are endless ~ Going off of #3, we will always be well-rounded, driven, good-time loving Friars who have the ability to succeed in the professional world.

  5. School spirit ~ I know that I’m proud to respond to people who ask me where I go to school. Being a friar is awesome and we have an exceptional reputation. We emphasize that by wearing Friar apparel ALL the time. It’s just what we do to show the world that we’re Friars and we’re proud!

  6. Caring professors ~ Nearly every professor I’ve had at PC has been enthusiastic and impressively knowledgeable about the subject he or she teaches in the classroom and in the real world.

  7. Ruane at Christmas time ~ The coziness is so overwhelming and I love it! The perfect place to study for finals is in front of the beautifully lit Christmas tree and fireplace inside Ruane

  8. Concannon ~ Concannon is a work of art, not to mention it is the nicest gym I’ve ever been to and most importantly the CLEANEST.

  9. Chicken Nugget Thursdays ~ This doesn’t even need an explanation.

  10. The best of Friends and memories that will last forever ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving Friartown!




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