Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers

Have a friend who loves all things stationery? Know someone who just can't get enough of office supplies? Check out these gifts! 


1. Custom Embosser 

This is for your serious stationary loving friends. This will let them add an extra oomph to any stationary. 


2. Notepad 

We all have that friend who loves writing lists. From to-do lists to shopping lists, they do it all. There's something way more satisfying about physically crossing something off a list than just checking it off on your phone. Notepads are a simple gift and something you can never have too many of. 

3. Notebook 

I always have a notebook on me. One of my residents in my dorm gave me one as a thank-you gift and it was such a lifesaver during my internship last summer. Have someone on your list who always seems to be writing? A notebook would be a great gift. 

4. Personalized Notepad 

This is a perfect gift for your friend who loves personalized touches and stationary. 


5. Pens 

Okay, confession-I have a slight pen obsession. From ballpoint to felt-tip pens, I love them all. These have great reviews and so many people on-campus have them. 


6. Journals

A piece of frequent advice I get is to always have a journal or notebook with you. This way, you can write down ideas that pop into your head or anything you want to remember. Plus, it never hurts to have a paper and pen on you. Journals are a practical and useful gift for anyone on your list. 


7. Sticky Notes 

Sticky notes are such a lifesaver. They're great for writing down anything from reminders to inspirational messages. Also, who doesn't love an opportunity to add a pop of color to your desk? 


8. Patterned Binder Clips 

So, this might be a little weird, but I always have a binder clip with me. Why? Well, you never know when you'll need one and I like being prepared. There's a tiny one on my backpack and one day my boss saw and asked me about it. A couple days later, I was in a meeting and guess what someone needed. A binder clip. These might seem like an odd gift, but it's practical and adds a pop of color to any stack of papers. 

9. Magnetic Book Marks 

Okay, so I was actually iffy on these at first because why not just use something else to mark your page. But then, I got one in a gift box and I really like it. It's a great addition to my notebook and helps me save time trying to find the next blank page. These would also be great for a friend who loves to read. 

10. Cards 

I'm a firm believer that you should always have blank cards. You never know when you'll need to write a thank you note or just a letter to a friend. Plus, there are literally so many different designs to choose from that it'll be easy to find ones that match your friend's personality. 

11. Push Pins 

Just imagine how cute these would look on a bulletin board. Have a friend who likes making inspiration boards and not just virtual ones on Pinterest? Then definitely check these out. 

12. Fashion Stapler 

Who says office supplies can't be fashionable? This stapler's sure to brighten up any desk. Have a friend who loves both fashion and office supplies? This stapler has their name written all over it.