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5 Ways to De-stress During Midterms

Midterms week is upon, and you know what that means: late nights, endless coffee, and STRESS. It is important to take time out of your busy study schedule to take a break, unwind, and breathe. Consider this your guide on how to de-stress during midterms. 


1. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to practice your breathing and get your mind off of that pesky to-do list. Not to mention, you get a great workout too!


2. Paint your nails

Painting your nail is a relaxing way to make you look good, and feel good too. Try out a new color for spring!


3. Dance it Out

Nothing is better than getting together with some of your best friends to have an impromptu dance party! The exercise will also get blood flowing to your brain, which will improve your studying.



4. Nap

When you need a study break, skip the Netflix and take a nap! You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to study. Try to keep your nap under an hour though, because you don’t want to fall into too deep of a sleep.


5. Take a Walk

Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. Take a quick de-stressing break to walk around campus, or if you feeling ambitious, head over to Cathedral Park!

Good luck on your midterms, and remember it is important to take care of yourself too. So, drink water, eat healthy, exercise, and try to get some sleep.

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