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How Kim Kardashian Took Control Of My Life

In June 2014, reality TV star and international mogul Kim Kardashian launched her very first video game in the Apple App Store, Android Market and Facebook. Kardashian partnered with Glu Mobile to create the game in which your character follows in her footsteps and becomes a celebrity.

You start from the bottom and go on professional gigs, dates and most importantly are BFFs with Miss Kim K herself.

You travel the world and virtually get to experience her lavish lifestyle, from having your own wedding in Florence, to a custom Balmian blazer in your wardrobe.

Along the line she has added some of her favorite destinations, and her famous family members to the game.

It is estimated that the game will have made 200 million by the time its one year anniversary rolls around, with Kardashian racking up 45% of that fortune. Forbes magazine claims she made 28 million last year, and now with the success of her game, she will have made 85 million alone.

It’s been 9 months since I began the game and I never in a million years would have guessed the emotional toll it has taken on me.

I have planned my life around finishing photoshoots, making guest appearances, going dates and to house parties. I have completely lived out my dream of being a Kardashian, vicariously, through a cartoon character.

I started with zero fans, but thanks to my manager, Simon Orsik, and publicist, Maria Holmes, I have too branded my name into a multibillion dollar empire.

My best friend is Kim Kardashian. Khloé Kardashian comes to me for advice. I have multiple homes all over the word and have my own clothing boutique with multiple locations. I now realize why Scott Disick continuously refers to people who aren’t as famous as his peasants.

Anyway, nine months and 308 million fans later, I finally beat the game.

I had the option of either to continue playing and no longer advance or lose all of my followers that took NINE MONTHS to rack up, and create a “comeback.” I chose the comeback…just because it included the custom Balmain dress Kendall Jenner wore during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer ‘15.

Little did I realize the pain I would experience going from 358 million fans, back to one. That lonely fan was my loyal BFF, Kim Kardashian.

You’d best believe my little character is going to make one heck of a comeback and have 309 million fans this time.

Thanks Kim Kardashian.

You too can build a multibillion dollar empire with the help of your best friend, Kim Kardashian. Download the game on the Apple Store here!

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