Outfit Combinations for In-Between Season Weather: From My Closet to Yours

The changing of the seasons can be a nice switch of pace, but it can also lead to unpredictable weather. And if you live in a place like Pittsburgh, it can be warm and sunny one moment and chilly and cloudy the next. Whether it’s fall or spring, often the biggest question in the morning is what to wear? To help answer that question, I’m here to share some of my fashion secrets with you. I’ve chosen the perfect outfits for unpredictable weather right out of my own closet, but I’ve also linked similar pieces so you can build outfits like these for yourself!

1. An olive cardigan, embroidered tank top, ripped light-wash jeans and ballet flats

This combination is one of my favorites for a sunny day with a slight chill. The earthy colors can fit both a fall or spring vibe, and you can always remove the cardigan if it gets too warm. The flats are appropriate for any occasion, and the cropped light-wash jeans allow you to be comfortable in warmer weather.

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2. A sheer blouse, bow-tied shorts, tights and blue flats

If you’re looking to spice things up, wear a pair of tights under shorts! The black top and tights allow the outfit to work in cooler weather, while the pops of color keep it from looking like your outfit belongs in January. As a bonus, the material of the blouse is light, yet it covers your arms in case of a breeze!

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3. A long-sleeved tee, distressed rolled jeans and white converse

This is a classic look for your everyday wear. The long-sleeved tee keeps you warm, while the light purple shade is a good transition between winter and spring. The ripped jeans allow your legs to breathe, and you can never go wrong with converse.

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4. A simple T-shirt, high-waited jeans, combat boots and a flannel tied at the waist

For those of you who are a little more on the ~edgy~ side, this look is a great option. Flannels are versatile because you can easily take them off and tie them around your waist. The colors of this outfit are a little darker, but the T-shirt works to keep it appropriate to the season. And honestly, black goes with anything any time of year.

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5. A half-sleeved blouse, dark wash jeans and light brown booties

A light blouse with half-sleeves is smart way to accommodate for temperatures somewhere in-the-middle. Red is a color that works any time of year—and dark jeans coupled with lighter boots balances your temperature color palate.

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6. A floral skater dress, over-sized cardigan, over-the-knee tights and flats

Looking to dress up a little? Thigh-high socks are a fantastic way to keep your legs warm, but they won’t leave you as hot as tights do. And not only does the cardigan accentuate the socks, but it keeps you warm if needed! If you need to take the cardigan off, the mix of light and dark colors in the floral pattern allow the dress stand by itself as well.

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Photo credit: All photos are author’s own.