Oakland Landlord Reviews

With the fall semester in coming to an end, comes apartment hunting season. If you live in Oakland, you know having a good landlord is a huge factor in finding an apartment. You want someone who won’t cheat you and who you can depend on to fix things. In Oakland, this can be especially difficult, so I’ve collected reviews of some Oakland landlords! These are quotes taken directly from fellow Pitt students. While these reviews are not complete and may not wholly reflect the landlords, I hope I’ve made a good starting guide!



“Their properties are very nice and a little more expensive but generally worth it. However, when things go wrong in our house and it's not an emergency, they don't always come fix things right away. My boyfriend also lives with AMO and has actually not found that to be the case, so I guess it just depends. But when you are looking for properties, they are really easy to get in touch with, and we got to see our apartment twice before we signed the lease.”


Atallah Khalil

“Do not rent from him. He seems like a nice guy, but he’s so cheap that it’s hard to get him to fix things properly. When we moved in, our place was a dump— missing smoke detectors, broken outlets, and rotten tile, etc. Our building’s stairs, laundry, and front lock are in horrible condition (even for south O standards). And now to top it off our heat hasn’t been working properly.”


Bates Hill Apartments

“Bates Hill is great, I've lived there two years, and they are always just a call away if anything is wrong. If I need a pipe fixed or even replaced, the longest wait time was a day. They are also very easy to contact about parking and guest parking. I'd highly recommend.”


Bob Eckenrode

“Do NOT rent from Bob. He’s a slumlord. His properties are TRASH and half of them are falling apart. They are too expensive for the condition they are in. Things are not fixed in time. Furthermore, my boyfriend rented from Bob last year and he took 2/3rd of the security deposit to “fix” pieces of the apartment that were broken when he moved in.”


DeIuliis Rentals

“They’re pretty impossible to get in contact with, and our apartment isn’t the greatest (but it’s probably about the quality we pay for). They never answer their office phone, so the only way to reach them is stopping them on the street at eight in the morning. They are around frequently and keep an eye on the apartments during breaks. Our apartment was decently clean when we moved in.”


Forbes Management

“They’re easy to get in touch with and come by quickly for maintenance issues. One thing that attracted us to living there is that they told us that they thoroughly clean every apartment before new residents move in. However, after we put down first month’s rent and got our lease we found out that the money to clean comes out of your security deposit. That was annoying, but we figured we’d deal with it. But then we moved in and it was definitely not professionally cleaned, which is upsetting because now we’re not sure how much they’ll take from our security deposit for ‘cleaning.’”


John Palmieri

“I live with Palmieri, and he’s pretty great. Comes when we have a problem, was super helpful giving us details and letting us see the house multiple times in the decision making process. Would recommend.”


Ken Eckenrode

“The house is really great, and he made sure everything was fixed up before we moved in - like new paint, new carpet, redone bathrooms. We haven't had many things break or need to be looked at, but when there have he's come by within 2 days of us texting.”


Lobos Management

“OK if you have no other choice but only if you have no other choice. Seriously, laundry was $2 to wash and $2 to dry and neither ever really worked. The staircase had black mold, the elevator broke a lot, etc.”


McKee Place Apartments

“They aren’t the best choice for housing cause they never complete maintenance requests on time and aren’t accommodating. They didn’t tell us which documents were supposed to be signed and the whole process was a mess.”

“After moving in we had some issues such as lights not working and the maintenance guy who happened to be in the apartment next door quickly fixed those problems. He said that this company is poorly run and to not even contact management about further maintenance requests because they won’t do anything— just contact him directly. And after living here for a couple months his statement is nothing but true. There was a leak that caused water to drip down the ceilings and walls in August and a bathroom overhead light that is out that has yet to be fixed. When setting up the gas, our apartment had 2 units, one for stove one for heat, and management didn’t tell us— the gas company did after they came and set on the heat instead of the stove (we

were not able to use the stove for like a week… very annoying). When asking management why they didn’t let us know about this they said “we have lots of units.” Shouldn’t they know the information about said units? They also wanted us to resign our lease in September or the rent would increase significantly. Safe to say I’m not living here again next year. 2/10 would not recommend.”


MJ Kelly Realty

“They were always very rude when we had to talk to them about issues with the apartment. They also neglected to clean the air filters in our apartment, so we all got sick. Further, they let maintenance people in our house without giving us advanced knowledge which isn't legal. Their reviews online say a lot of people don't get security deposits back, but luckily we did.”



“Nexus is pretty 50/50 between being pretty OK and being really inconsiderate of their tenants, but they WILL f**k you out of your security deposit even though their buildings were in gross condition when you moved in… So ultimately not as bad as some of the sh*ttier landlords in Oakland but you can definitely do better.”

“Nexus is cheap but they don't actually care about anything. Also, as it gets colder, I'm reminded that there is zero insulation in my apartment and I'm freezing.”


Patrick Altdorfer

“Patrick's amount of consideration and respect for my roommates and I equates to a great relationship. Upon searching for houses, he let us know of each and every detail (good or bad) to allow us to make a more thoughtful decision. Today, he responds to our requests frequently and is always aware of a problem. For example, he remembered to fix an unnoticeable hitch in our back door despite us not having a problem with it. Additionally, he replaced the light bulbs in each of our lamps/lights with LED lights to help us save money. Patrick is as much of landlord as he is our friend. Often, whenever he visits, we sit around and talk about how classes are going and other things. I hope our good relationship with Pat can continue for the remainder of the lease!”


Ron from LAGA

“Ron is awesome. He was so sweet and very helpful whenever we had a problem! I'd definitely recommend him.”


Walnut Capital

“Well... I suppose they're not TOO bad. We moved in to an apartment with some overall grossness: holes in the floors by the floorboards, filthy oven and range, wires from past cable hookups literally just half painted over and hanging from the ceiling and running across the floor. When things break, they're pretty good about fixing them in a timely manner. The maintenance man may actually be the only redeeming quality of living there. The rent goes up every year and they take a significant portion of your security deposits for ‘professional carpet and other cleaning.’”

“They own my apartment building and are really accommodating. If we need anything fixed maintenance comes the next day. They make sure we’re doing OK monthly. They really care about their tenants.”



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