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10 Things That Should Be on Your Winter Break Bucket List

We’ve made it, people. The long anticipated, although inconveniently short, three weeks we like to call winter break is here.  Finals have successfully ridded us of our souls and our writing hands are one short answer response away from breaking.  It’s in this state that we head home for the holidays…hi mom! While winter break is definitely a period of complete freedom, with no homework or assignments to stress out about, it can quickly turn into a black hole of absolute boredom, the most exciting moments being reruns of I Love Lucy at 3:30 in the afternoon. Because I think it is imperative to avoid this boredom and take complete advantage of the joyous holiday season, I have created the perfect winter break bucket list to ensure that your break is activity-ed out to its fullest potential.

1) Relax. I said avoid boredom, not relaxation. After a highly stressful semester, it’s important to take a few hours to spend some quality time with your couch. There’s nothing wrong with having a few naps here and there, just make sure you do a lap around the house every now and then to get the circulation going in your legs. Bask in your freedom. Enjoy.

2) Get Pampered. It’s no secret that Oakland is slightly lacking in the pampering department. While you’re home, get a manicure, pedicure, maybe even a blowout. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little me-time. 

3) Catch Up With A High School Friend. You know that friend that you see on your Facebook newsfeed from time to time and think, “it’s too bad I haven’t seen them since graduation, I actually liked that girl?” Call them up and ask them to lunch. Why not? Never underestimate the value of a good conversation with an old friend…plus, it’s an excuse to get lunch.

4) Binge Eat on Holiday Treats. I know what you’re thinking. It’s rare that you are told to screw calories and binge-eat, but they way I look at it, there’s only one holiday season. You have 11 months to diet to your heart’s desire; the holidays are a time to eat that cookie that’s staring at you tantalizingly, or tell the cake-cutter to make it a big slice. Do it.

5) Plan A Spring Break Diet. Now that you’ve loaded up on enough gingerbread men to build a small gingerbread village, map out your inevitable spring break diet. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but going back to school with a set plan will make it easier to motivate you to go to the gym once staying in and watching The Bachelor seems like too good of an option.

6) Lower New Year’s Eve Expectations. Every year, we psych ourselves up for an over-the-top, Gatsby-esque New Year’s Eve party, and every year we are disappointed. This year, lower your expectations, and come to terms with a quiet night in front of the TV (which actually sounds pretty great to me). This way, if you stumble across an awesome party, wahoo, if not, chalk it up to the “poor weather” and enjoy the beauty of a calm night in with good friends.

7) First Semester Boys Are So…First Semester. You know that boy you met during welcome week that’s been stringing you along for months, now? It’s time to wash your hands of him and move on. Winter break is the perfect amount of time to block him out of your memory for good. College is short; don’t waste your precious time with someone who doesn’t deserve it!

8) Good Ol’ Family Time. I can’t think of any better way to waste a few weeks with the ones who were there from day one—your family. Try to eat dinner with them every night, see a few movies, and definitely go shopping with your mom. Don’t forget that you’re about to go back to school to spend even more months away from them!

9) Take Advantage of Holiday Drinks. I kno, I know. You don’t want to go into Starbucks and be ‘that person’…the “can I have the peppermint candy cane snow man menorah latte?” person. But hey, it’s the holidays and the holiday specials taste like Christmas spirit in your mouth, so be that person, and love it.

10) Create a Second Semester Bucket List. It’s easy to fall in the trap of the same routine every semester, doing the same things and eating the same type of burrito at Chipotle every time. This semester, mix things up a little. Try a new, maybe even slightly shady-looking, restaurant in South O, join a new club or find a new study place. Make your own bucket list for second semester before going back to school, and don’t leave for summer break until you’ve completed it.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Winter Break!


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Sami Newman is a sophomore at Pitt double-majoring in Non-Fiction Writing and Communications. When she's not writing, you can find her in either Chipotle or Starbucks (or possibly even in Starbucks holding takeout Chipotle,) or somewhere under her covers, deep into a good nap. Writing and reporting is her passion, and she plans on one day attempting to either emulate or, ideally, be Diane Sawyer. Baby steps.Readers can contact her via Twitter: @GreenEggsNSam1 (retweets/favorites encouraged.)  
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