Brianna Morgan

                                                                                                                             Image by Marcus Spiske

HC: So, you are a comm major concentrating in photo journalism? What made you pick that?

BM: “I’ve always been interested in photography and in how a picture can say so much. And I also enjoy writing, so it was like why not just do both and choose photojournalism.”


HC: Do you work for any photojournalism organizations or involved in any clubs around campus?

BM: “No I don’t work for any photojournalism organizations, but I am part of the school magazine, Berks Beat, as the photo editor”


HC: What is your favorite part about being able to do photography while also involving your love for writing?

BM: “Umm just being able to do things that I love to do on the daily basis just makes doing the job 10x better. Having both of your passions put into one, just makes everything easier.”


HC: Do you think you'll be involved in organizations up at main? And what are you goals after college?

BM: “Organizations for photojournalism? If they have any I hope to. I know I really want to be apart of the Daily Collegian at main either as a writer or photographer.

“And my goals after college is to have some sort of job in my work field. So at a news station, or working for a newspaper or magazine.”


HC: If you could have your dream job what would it be?

BM: “Working for National Geographic and traveling the world with them, or working for the Washington Post of New York Times.