3 Best Beauty Trends from Fashion Month!

Fashion Month is over (sadly!), so it’s time to recap on the beauty trends that were rocked on the catwalk. These trends are super easy to recreate and will seamlessly fit into your existing beauty routine. All three beauty trends are perfectly achievable and give you the confidence to strut down your own runway.


Marc Jacobs inspired

One of the favorite looks was definitely the colored eyeliner as seen at Marc Jacobs. This trend can be recreated by wearing an aqua liner along the lash line and water line, a bit of blush, and a dab of gloss for a bit of daytime chic. (eyeliner-Ulta, $9; blush-Tarte, $15; mascara-any drug store, $6)


Givenchy inspired

An amazing night out look would be a smoky eye and bold eyebrows with a nude lip stain a la Givenchy. (eyeshadow palete-Urban Decay, $54)


Acne inspired

The trend that was also a favorite was the minimalist red lip at Acne. This look is very clean and simple: bold eyebrows, mascara, and red lips. (