What It Really Feels Like To Get An IUD

New York
United States

            I’ve been on birth control since I was 18 and let me tell you, it has been exhausting trying to find what works best with my body. I first started using contraceptives in hopes of finally having a regular cycle and of course, to control my incredibly painful cramps. I’ve been on various types of birth control pills, as well as the Depo shot, but even after three years, I still struggled to find a birth control method that I liked.

            My gynecologist told me about the IUD, and how on top of it being 99% effective in preventing pregnancy for five years, it can also help reduce menstrual cramps and most women stop getting their period overtime. It didn’t take much convincing after that, and before I knew it, I was sitting in the doctor’s office half naked on an examination table. My OBGYN warned me that I may experience painful cramping following the procedure, but because I’ve always had really bad cramps, I thought I would be fine. Boy was I was wrong.

           The first thing she did was attach a mini electric massager to my back that was supposed to help with the pain (it did nothing). Next, she had me lie down and take deep breathes as she inserted a lubricated speculum into my vagina. This part was painless; it felt like she was using a crank down there. Next, my doctor told me she was going to numb me, which I was okay with because I assumed she’d apply a cream or gel to the area BUT, I was wrong (again). In order to numb my uterus, she had to give me a shot – yup – a shot down there. It was as painful as it sounds. I almost cried and asked my doctor to stop the procedure but, I figured I was already halfway done with the insertion and needed to suck up the pain. Immediately after she numbed me, I experienced the most excruciating, deep, intense cramps. It felt like someone was stabbing and cutting my uterus with the sharpest knife they could find. The last part of the procedure was inserting the actual IUD, which only took about two seconds, but it was easily the worst two seconds of my life (it felt similar to the shot.) Just when I thought the pain was over, it hit me. I felt nauseous, and my entire body was sweating. I couldn’t stand up for the first 20 minutes after the procedure because I was so dizzy and light headed. But, I somehow found the strength to get dressed and convinced my doctor I was okay to go home (since I only lived a few blocks away, thank God!)

            The next few hours following the insertion, I laid in bed trying to sleep off the pain and relax, but nothing worked. I threw up for almost an hour straight and had the most painful cramps for the next two days. But, it’s been about two weeks since the procedure, and although getting an IUD was the worst experience of my life, I don’t regret it. Two days of pain in exchange for five years of carefree living – I’ll take it!