Treat Your Skin With a Facial

Manhattan, New York
United States

As someone who has always taken care of my skin, I did not expect to have any issues when I arrived in New York City for college. I was completely wrong. My skin wasn’t able to handle the pollution of the city, so it broke out and nothing would help calm it.

I went ahead and tried switching up my routine. I bought a new cleanser, toner, and read all the articles I could on how to take care of your skin while being in the city. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who went through this issue. The more I read, the more I realized that everyone who comes to New York City needs to give their skin time to adapt to the new environment. I decided that I would go in for my first facial in order to try and help my skin adapt a bit faster. Facials are notoriously expensive in New York City, so I searched everywhere to find my best option. HeyDay Skincare immediately stood out to me. They had affordable options, and all of their facials are made specifically for you. I booked my appointment online and went in for a 50-minute facial the next week.

 Walking in, I was immediately greeted and checked in. I filled out a form to inform them that I didn’t have any allergies and to write what was going on with my skin. I looked around the room and saw a huge variety of products. I began to read and take note of what I may need to add to my routine. Something that stuck out on the shelves, and was soon discussed by the esthetician, was an exfoliator. I didn’t realize how important an exfoliator was for your skin until I went to my facial.My skin therapist took me down the hall, and into the little room where she would be working with me. HeyDay is set up so that the rooms are all little stalls next to each other with just a curtain blocking you off from the rest. They have amazing playlists which are played so you can relax and listen to your favorite music. They created this casual atmosphere because getting a facial can seem intimidating and awkward if you're in a room alone in absolute silence.

My esthetician looked at my skin and decided to focus on hydration and brightening procedures. She did multiple masks, cleansers, and a peel that were made for my skin. The facial was finished and I already felt so much better. She recommended that I come in next month, so I booked my next appointment. After the facial, my skin therapist gave me some samples of the products she’d used so I would not feel pressured to buy them right there. She also sent me an email on what to focus on for the next month to help my skin.

I’ve been regularly getting facials since October, and I can say my skin is the best it has ever been. I have an array of products that I know will work and a skin therapist that will always help guide me to do better for my skin. If you have skin issues, or if you don’t, I recommend stopping by any of HeyDay’s locations. I’ve learned that facials are healing for my skin, as well as time for me to take care and focus on myself. It definitely helps that HeyDay is one of the most affordable options in the city!