The Top 5 Winter Skincare Products

Manhattan, New York
United States

Truth circle time. [Whispers] I love the winter, but my skin?  My skin does not. For all of winter’s seasonal festivities (fireside gatherings, snowy walks, and ice-skating in Central Park) there are a few less pleasant side effects to note, like dry, itchy skin that’s currently settling in for the long haul. The rapid change of weather can cause the skin to look and feel disproportionately dry, decreasing its usual radiance.  However, this change in weather does not necessarily mean slapping extra highlighter and luminous foundation all over your face. If your skin gets dry in the winter, there’s no need to fret! In fact, most people experience dryness in cold weather. The solution all comes down to how you take care of your skin: cleansers, moisturizers, serums... all the splendid goodness your skin loves.

Your skin is made up of many different layers, but the outermost layer, known as the stratum corneum, directly relates to how your skin feels from a moisture perspective. Cells in this layer can hold water, but they can also lose water depending on factors such as weather and moisture absorbing chemicals like sodium and alcohol.  However, when these cells are plump and rich with water, your skin looks and feels smooth and moisturized. The more you moisturize, the better.

Here are all the cult-favorite skincare products recommended by beauty experts so your skin can be hydrated and glowing all winter long.  These products are paraben and alcohol-free, full of antioxidants and perfect for all skin types (yes, even if your skin is combination-oily).  So, indulge in some skin care products you would not want to live without even after the winter. You deserve it, so go treat yourself girl.

Continue reading until the end to find out what the best skin care products of the season are!

5. AESOP Fabulous Face Cleanser, $33 Okay,  I am definitely a fan of Aesop Skincare products!  Not only does the brand specialize in providing products with plant-derived, high-quality ingredients, Aesop makes a judicious use of antioxidants and vitamins which your skin needs during the winter.  Aesop’s Fabulous Face Cleanser is a holy grail product this season because it is low foaming which is perfect for sensitive skin types. It also has a milky-creamy texture that effectively cleanses without stripping the skin.  This is the perfect daytime cleanser as it brightens and calms skin in any condition. If you had three hours of sleep, it’ll take the dullness down; if you’re already glowy, you’ll be radiating; if your skin is irritated, it’ll calm it! Definitely a favorite this season.

4. Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Facial Oil, $64​Talk about major glow! This facial oil is designed to defend skin against free radicals, increase elasticity and nourish with essential nutrients and fatty acids.  To top it off, this facial oil is fast-absorbing, vegan, sulfate-free, phthalate-free and cruelty-free! We love this product because the texture is plush but lightweight. You will discover it has lots of glow without making you breakout. It glides on smoothly over the skin and absorbs well so you look naturally radiant without feeling oily. It’s three essential ingredients are orchid extract (deep moisturizing and anti-aging), camellia flower oil (elasticity and omega 3) and jasmine sambac oil (deep moisturizing and radiating).  With mainly active and natural ingredients, if you want to glow this season, this facial oil hits the jackpot! After using this product, many users have also reported clearer skin and less hyperpigmentation. Not to mention, it smells AMAZING!

3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cremé, $30It’s early December. Dry and gritty skin is starting to appear as you desperately try to save up all of the moisturizers you have on your face.  Then you realize you might need to up your skincare game. You, my friend, need something to fill your face with water and seal everything in. Indulge in Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cremé which was actually designed for mountaineers.  If you’re ready to climb Mount Everest, we’ve found your latest go-to skin-saver. No matter how cold the temperature, this moisturizer has OUTSTANDING moisture retention capabilities and properties that sustain even in the dryers of conditions.  Perfect for a stone cold NYC winter.

2. Weleda Skin Food, $19

Responsibly sourced, vegan and organic, this is the product you’ll want to get your hands on this season.  For a skin balm that is thick and creamy, it seems like a product that is a no-no for oily skin however, that cannot be farther from the truth.  This cult-favorite literally feeds your skin with healthy antioxidants, leaving it looking and feeling luminous, hydrated, and not greasy at all.   It’s all-purpose as well, so it’s perfect for your elbows or even the little crevices between your fingers. We know, when it’s brick outside your hands are not too happy.  It’s very popular with celebrity makeup artists and you will not have to reach for any highlighter after this one. It’s also great for reducing acne, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation.  Bonus!

1.Lumene Halo Light Glow Boost, $24

It was a tight one, but, this product deserves the top spot.  If you want healthy, glowing skin, look no further. This serum is jam-packed with all the fabulous nutrients your skin desperately needs during the winter; 4x more vitamin C than oranges, wild arctic cloudberry (for vitamin A, natural sun protection and increased blood circulation), and hyaluronic acid which increases skin hydration.  This genius formula promotes the appearance of naturally plump, radiant skin that sustains even the harshest of weather. At a drugstore price, this serum dissolves very quickly and is my holy grail product of the season. It’s super concentrated for miraculously bright, hydrated skin that looks effortlessly gorgeous. You’re going to want this one, pronto.  

Remember, when it comes to flawless and radiant skin in the cold, brisk winter…the key is not a quick-fix.  Hydrated skin takes time, which means that you’ll need to moisturize A LOT, regardless of the product(s) you use.  So, stay moisturized this season and don’t forget to treat yourself with some beauty goodies this year. It’s finals time and you definitely deserve it!