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Sinking in teeth on skin red from

frustration. Latched

on me with gnawing hunger

depriving my mind from slumber

uprooting my being to drag me

bodily into states of panic

states of pain

and a sense that it all leads to insane.

Once it is latched,

hanging off my back,

a little fond I become of it’s constant

threat and

drumming, impending, fear.

Whispering in my right ear,

“you’re failing,

       you’re slipping,

             your goals are shaking.”

       And I know it is true,

that I picked up this beast

last week at school.

I’m a New York poet, studying philosophy at Pace University. My poetry is inspired by my time spent studying mysticism in India and my continuing study of spiritual existence. Josephine Del Deo, my grandmother, started me on this path of poetic expression. She taught me that sometimes making the world better requires finding the beauty in little things. I’d like to honor her as I attempt to forge beauty from careful observation of the worlds inside of us.
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