Sorority Spotlight: Kappa Delta

Manhattan, New York
United States

With Formal Recruitment quickly approaching, we decided to highlight the 3 different sororities in our campus. I sat down with the President (Mikaela Batres), the VP-Membership (Serena Sultan) and the recruitment leader (Sarah Gibney) of Kappa Delta’s Eta Iota and asked them some questions to give you a sneak into our sorority!

How would you describe the typical KD sorority woman?

Mikaela: I would say there isn’t a typical KD woman; everyone is so different and that’s why we love our sisters. For example, even though I might not be a science major when I talk with Amber and she is going on about her internship with whatever doctor, I can see how passionate she is. Even if that’s not my thing, I can still celebrate with her and that’s why I love our sisters because it doesn’t matter what we all do, we all support each other.

Sarah: I agree with Mikaela. There is no such thing as a typical member but I’d say if I have to describe all KD women in one world it would be confident.

What is your best memory in your sorority?

Sarah: My favorite memory would be bid day. That rush of excitement when you open your card and you’re automatically enveloped by this brand-new family that you’ve never dreamed of having. Also, all the moments after that, when you get to know everybody when you get a big, and get to go to sisterhood events. Another of my favorite moments was when Maddie, Allison, Mikaela and I went to the National Convention; we were all trying to go to bed and Mikael was on her computer doing finance stuff so enthusiastically and I was like “Wow, that’s incredible. Being in an organization with so many motivated women.”

Serena: After my initiation, a bunch of us went to Central Park and had a picnic. I got to know a lot of sisters that were graduating and my grand-big came. It was great because all the classes were together.

Mikaela: My two favorite moments were going to Coney Island for the first time and I got to ride every single roller-coaster, even the ones that you usually have to pay additional for. I got to speak with different sisters that I usually don’t see that much. Also, I enjoyed getting another little (Alex) because I love her and she is amazing.

What are your favorite KD activities?

Mikaela: My favorites are the different sisterhood events that we do because there is always something for everyone. I really like Shamrock because I know NYSPCC is always so happy when we give them a nice big check. They do so much great work for the city and for so many kids. They are the ones that started child protection laws so I love that we get to help them.

Sarah: I’m personally a big fan of socials and formals just because it’s so fun to see everyone dress up and dancing around.   

How is your chapter different from others on campus?

Sarah: Even if every Greek organization is unique in it’s on way, I know that Kappa Delta’s number one platform that we work on promoting, not only within our chapter members but also within our community, is confidence and the importance of that. This is something that goes through our philanthropies, as well as the social events that we have.

What are your philanthropies? What are some events that you do to raise money and awareness for your philanthropies?

Mikaela: We have two philanthropies. One of them is Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA) but within that, we work with the NYSPCC (The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and we have our Spring Shamrock, which is coming up really soon. We are all really excited to shoot again. We have different basketball teams that register and compete and though that we raise money for NYSPCC. We also do the Girls Scouts of the USA; that ties really closely with our confident coalition. We like to make sure that girls start young on being confident and just embracing who they are because that’s one of our biggest beliefs and we can’t do that if we are carrying down young women. Activities that we do with them are workshops to teach them about finance and other empowering messages. We also have International Girls Day!

Serena: I want to mention that we raised over $20,000 for the NYSPCC last year.

What would be your advice for a PNM going through Recruitment?

Serena: Be yourself!

Sarah: Don’t stress out because, at the end of the day, there is no pressure at all. Is all about meeting new people and figuring out where you belong, where you fit in and where your values align.

What is the biggest misconception you’d like to address about being a sorority woman?

Serena: I think the biggest one is that we are not driven towards education or towards building our careers.

Mikaela: We don’t haze. Hazing breaks up women. Our number one thing is confidence and you can’t be a confident woman if you are being broken down emotionally or physically. Also that we are not career driven. Everyone in our chapter is the most career-driven women I’ve met in my life. They have positions of leadership on campus, internships, jobs; they are doing amazing things. I think that we aren’t career driven is a big stereotype. We are not just about partying, we are about worth substance, making real connections with people and helping our community.

How did you know Kappa Delta was right for you?

Mikaela: I just knew that with the women we’ve met we had so much in common; with our goals and everything in life. It just felt right.

Sarah: I knew Kappa Delta was the right choice for me because all of the Kappa Delta women that I’ve met prior to Recruitment and during Recruitment were all women that I knew I wanted to be aligned with and wanted to be like. I was just so grateful they saw something in me and they thought I could be aligned with them as well.

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