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Saidi Burgos (’16)

Saidi Burgos is the Senior Class Vice-President at SGA. As a senior, she is studying Economics and will be graduating in May. She grew up in Long Island, and moved to Jacksonville, FL when she was 10. At Pace, Saidi is a Resident Advisor at 33 Beekman on the Foodies & Fitness Floor, Peer Leader, and works closely with the Women Empowerment Network. Saidi loves food and all sport related things. She is a diehard Florida Gator fan and the SEC in general, Yankees Fan, and Giants fan. Her favorite thing to do is eat and watch football.

Name: Saidi Imlay Burgos

Year: 2016

Major: Economics

What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus? “I am apart of the Student Government Association as the VP for the class of 2016.”

What’s your favorite part about being an RA? “The people. Being a part of OHRL (office of housing and residential life) is like being part of a family. I have built incredible friendships over the past few years that I hope last a lifetime. I love being a resource for my residents here at pace university; whether it be in their personal, academic, or professional life.”

What previous internships have you had or currently have? “Peer Leader (UNV 101 Teaching Assistant) and Financial Analyst at Joseph Gunnar & Co. LLC.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? “Kicking Ass. I would like to have an MBA in Finance or Accounting. I would love to be working for Bloomberg Business reporting on the most current and up to date events in the business world. I would also like to be married and living in a cozy apartment in FiDi looking out to 1 World Trade Center.”

What is your favorite memory here at Pace U? “Volunteering through NY Cares at Food Pantry Uptown with OHRL. Giving back to our community has been one of the most incredible experiences I have had in my undergraduate career.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! “I can’t snap! It’s awful! I always pretend to snap and make my friends snap for me so no one notices!”

Senior Communications major and Women and Gender Studies minor at Pace University who spends too much time researching celebrities and not enough on homework.
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