The NYC College Experience: Nightlife

When applying to college’s we consider a number of things. Just a few considered are sports, class size, dorm options, Greek life and more importantly nightlife. Sure, we all want different things but one mutual deciding factor when it comes to colleges is the nightlife. Some universities are in “college towns” where all things surrounding it are tailored and inhabited by the present college students. If you’re not in a so called “college town” then you’re most likely in a NYC school.

Going to school in the city definitely has its pros and cons. Amazing energy and constant movement is a pro; a con would be the inability to find quiet time to your self. Most things here have their pros and cons, just like NYC nightlife.  I know what you’re thinking; this chick is crazy if she thinks NYC nightlife has a con. Having lived in this city for over two years, I think I have the credibility to give some insight.

Being a female in the big apple comes with a lot of responsibility, this carries through to the fabulous act of going out on a Friday night. In the city, there isn’t a great deal of options, actually there’s only about four. Which one you choose probably depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what type of experience you’re looking for.

1. Concerts and live performances

Usually seeing a show or live performance is voluntary therefor your interest for whomever is playing is high. If you can afford the ticket then you’re guaranteed a good time. Also, because concerts are ticket based there is no discrimination at the door. If you have a ticket and your ID then you’re in.

2. The Club

This is an option that is specifically unique to NYC. Giving you a wide range of high profile clubs that feature well known artists, NYC is perfect for you dancing, high heel wearing gals. If you’re a girl, this is the cheapest of the options, however, it is the most image-orientated one as well. If you’re tall and “pretty” then you’ll have no problem making your way to and from the many clubs NYC has to offer. Depending on the club specifically and the doorman, you can easily be denied. With the lovely invention of the promoter, girls are able to gain entry to clubs of their choice free of charge. You also will receive free drinks all night. Inside most clubs, its hot, packed and full of men with money (it’s an arm and a leg for a male cover charge but that’s an entirely different article). If you’re lucky you’ll go somewhere that has a good DJ so you can at least dance the problems away.

3. Bars

I can’t say the same for bars. They are usually equipped with a doorman to check ID’s, even if you are of age you can sometimes get denied so it’s important to read ahead and dress accordingly. Another concern is money. If you’re living on a college budget then you my friend won’t be participating in this one. Bars are well… bars. Since you have to pay per drink it can get a little pricy if you don’t keep track. However a balance can be found between those that have good music and those that have cheap drinks. Once a bar opens that has both, I’ll be sure to let you all know. Bars do have their perks though. There is a wide range of people that go to bars. It’s always interesting and if you like to dance then you’ll definitely have a great time.

4. Frat Parties

They are the epitome of “the college experience”. Usually taking place in a Fraternity’s house, you can only imagine how such a gathering transforms when it is shoved into a two-room apartment with neighbors above, below and on either side. These parties sweaty dirty and probably charge at the door. If you want a classic college frat party then definitely head to a college town.

With the most popular of college events at the bottom of the list, NYC surprises every freshman student. NYC is not a college town; it is a big beautiful city. You wont find house parties, or the typical frat party. But having the top billboard artists bring their tours to your city is definitely a pay off. Being a NYC student isn’t the typical college experience but it is a once and a lifetime one.