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My Freshman Year at Pace and Why I Have Decided to Transfer

My freshman year at Pace University during a global pandemic was less than perfect. There were so many new experiences and new feelings at that time. There's also so much I missed out on, like in-person classes and events. There were some great people I met and great clubs I joined. Unfortunately, It was just an all around disappointing year, no matter how hard we tried to make it good. 

The professors were difficult. I know we all had a hard time adjusting to online format, but they were hardly understanding of technology issues and any other kind of issue. It was exhausting turning in assignment after assignment and learning nothing. Especially this past semester, with the new learning management system, Classes. I could never see my grades and none of my professors understood how to even use it. It was so frustrating- the whole year just felt like a waste of time. 

The social aspect of this year has not been easy. I made friends when I first moved in by going into the student lounge and talking to people down there. It was awkward but we were all in the same boat. It took months for me to find my group. I knew I had to make friends in other ways, so I joined clubs like Pace Board and Her Campus. I started to get to know so many different types of people, even though it was through a screen. I didn’t start to get really close to everyone until right before I left. 

My second semester academically was not much better. All my classes ended being online and most asynchronous even though that really isn’t what I signed up for. My professors had terrible communication and almost never returned emails. I was constantly preparing for assignments that never got sent out and were sometimes just completely canceled. It was a mess of a semester.

The best part of my freshman year at Pace was joining a sorority. I joined Phi Mu because of the amazing people and their special philanthropy. I met some of my best friends and people I know will be with me forever. I found a home, a place I finally felt like I belonged. Saying goodbye to them is the hardest part.

I finally had to make the difficult decision to transfer schools. Pace was just much too expensive and the quality of education wasn’t worth the price. I found something really amazing I wanted to do with my life and Pace didn’t offer it. I knew I had to transfer but the one that made me want to stay was all my incredible friends. I am so grateful for every person that I have met at Pace and I don’t there is any other school in the world with better people. I am excited to start this new journey in my life but I don’t want to forget about my experiences at Pace, and especially New York City. 


Hi!! I am a freshman at Pace University and I have a passion for writing. I am so excited to be apart of a group of great women who share my passions. Thanks for reading!
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