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Last Minute Halloween Costumes on a Budget


I have really strong opinions about everyone being their most authentic selves at all times, but like any other I find myself wishing I was someone else. Halloween is the best time to be exactly that. Where I’m from, in Norway, Halloween has just recently started to grow as a celebration; so, you can just imagine my excitement over not one, but two Halloweekends. I’ve noticed that a lot of people invest their time and money in costumes, but if you’re balling on a budget like me there are a thousand different ways to look just as good on a lower budget.

First of all, makeup should really be your best friend this Halloween. Assuming that you already have makeup, it’s by far the cheapest option. Be creative with the products you have! You can easily be a vampire, a clown or a cheetah. It’s all up to you (and your makeup skills). You could always show off your cattitude and go with the classic cat-costume. Wear all black, buy some affordable cat ears (H&M’s has really cute ones), use some eyeliner to draw a nose and some whiskers and you’re good to go.

Dressing up as a person or a character will never stop being fun. You could dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, Sandra Dee, Wonder Woman, Ariana Grande or even Lil Pump! You could choose any character or celebrity to dress up as. Look through your closet and figure out what you have to use. And if you want to add some horror to it- just buy some theatrical blood and be creative.

I mentioned the classic cat-costume and while standard costumes aren’t THAT creative- they are always an option. Combine these costumes with makeup and you take it to a whole new level. Be a witch or a pirate. You could also put on some white clothes, find a great eyeshadow tutorial on YouTube, use a nice lipstick, roll some white bandage around your face and bam- you’re a mummy!

Pinterest should be your other best friend this Halloween. Look for ideas and different ways to dress up. Halloween is about being creative, being someone you’re not- or even just a darker version of yourself. You might be wondering what I’m going to dress up like tomorrow, but I’m not going to lie about the fact that I have no idea yet. If you’re on the same boat, don’t worry- Pinterest and YouTube are there to save you!

I'm a 20 year old Norwegian exchange student at Pace University with a major in International Marketing. I've always loved writing, but more than everything I am very passionate about fashion. I love designing, making clothes and I would love to combine that with my interest in business and my love for writing.
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