Here’s What You Need to Know About Women

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On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day is special because we come together and honor women all around the world. Women are exceptional in every way. Here is a list of what you should know about us.


Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Pocahontas, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Hellen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt and many more amazing warriors. All of these women fought for a better future and a better society. They fought for change. Through their efforts we can see the real power that women have.


2.We are ARTISTS

Writers, actresses, politicians, dancers, scientists, performers, doctors, speakers, painters and lawyers - women are not only muses but also artists. Creators of our own art and different kinds of lifestyles. We have a special rhythm that makes us unique in every job and hobby. We set our own pace. We craft and mold the world in our own way.

3.We are STRONG

History shows how women have been diminished, ignored, and belittled for centuries. Nonetheless, we are still standing. We are still strong even if circumstances are not always in our favor. We remain strong even if society tries to weaken us.


4.We have FEELINGS

We get picked on because we “feel to much”. Guess what? That makes us even more amazing. We show sensibility to the world, we have compassion, we care, we love, that’s our nature and that’s what society needs.

5. We are WISE

Your mother’s advice is the best advice. Who do you come to when you are having trouble? Most likely you turn to a significant female figure. Women are wise for the simple fact that they are listeners. They hear you out, understand you and help you with whatever you may be dealing with.


6.We have FAULTS

Even though women have so many incredible qualities, we also have our faults… and that’s okay. We are not perfect, neither are men, never have been never will be. However, our faults makes us stronger.


7.We are HUMANS.

Your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, your girl best friend and all the women around the world are humans. Don’t forget that. We are the same as men. We are equal. We all are humans.

This is only a reminder of how proud I am of being a woman and how far along we have come. I do know that there are many challenges that women are facing in the world but I believe that a better future is coming for us. We need to stand tall and proud, us women are stronger together.