Five Tips for Planning the Best Adventure

Five Tips for Planning the Best Adventure

1. Make sure you can afford it

  • Set a realistic budget for yourself and then do some research online
  • Create an Excel or Google sheet
  • Factor in transportation both ways and what it will cost to travel around the country, or countries, of your choice
  • Hostel World will be your best friend during these beginning phases for checking out cheap accommodations
  • EXCURSIONS! Scroll through Pinterest to find some of the must-sees and budget them out

2. Book it all

  • Transportation and accommodations should be booked ahead of time
  • Investigate what activities and excursions need to be booked in advance 
  • You don't have to book everything before you go. Leave some room for spontaneity 

3. Travel with the right person/people

  • Make sure the person/people you are traveling with are those you enjoy being around and get along with
  • Be on the same page in terms of budget
  • Have similar itineraries and agree on must-haves for accommodations
  • There will be fewer arguments during planning sessions if you agree on important things

4. Don’t over pack

  • This summer, I spent a month living out of a backpack and it taught me that you don’t need all the clothes and shoes in the world to look good on a trip
  • Even if you’re only traveling for a week or two, keep it light
  • It’ll be easier to travel and you won’t leave complaining that you didn’t wear half the clothes you brought
  • If you pack in advance, you won’t run into the last minute “throw-everything-in-the-suitcase” problem

5. Accept that you won’t see it all

  • It’s easy to end up in a Pinterest, travel wormhole…fight it
  • Do your research and have options on/for your itinerary but make wise choices
  • You won’t have time to see everything and that’s okay
  • Make peace with that reality and planning will go much smoother