Expectations vs. Reality NYC Edition: Times Square

The energy of New York City is undoubtedly like no other. Being one of the biggest cities on earth, NYC attracts all types of creative beings, dreamers and site seer’s. Although not much of a reason is needed, why exactly so many people are attracted to the city is because of the un-relenting energy that’s given off. After all it is called the city that never sleeps. However, visiting NYC for a week and living here can be misunderstood for the same.  The most famous tourist attraction in this huge city is known for its beaming lights and lack of a bedtime, yes you may have already guessed it, Times Square. What tourists don’t see are the diverse neighborhoods that are just blocks away, captivating locals with their humble yet alluring vibes.

There’s a bit of a misconception that everywhere in New York City is like Times Square when in reality those who live in the city try and avoid this area. Not every neighborhood is booming with people 24/7 like Times Square. Times Square is the hub for all things tourist, sprinkled with chain restaurants, small shops with signs that read “I HEART NEW YORK” and the occasional (or not so occasional) intoxicated character chasing you for a picture and for a dollar.

What’s not so common though is finding a NYC native in this ten-block radius. To appreciate the true characteristics of this big city catch a cab and head to the less tourist drawn areas. The energy of Times Square transcends much further than many may realize. Whether you’re venturing the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District, embracing the local art scattered within Chelsea or observing the breathtaking skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll discover there’s more to the city than just large billboards and the estranged hot dog truck. Chances are, no matter where you find yourself in NYC there’s something just as interesting as Times Square. In reality New York City is much more then the bright lights of Times Square, it is the quiet neighborhoods that have just as much to say but in a much more subtle way.