5 Beauty Products That Will Change The Game


Sugar Lip Treatment

Give me some sugar! Sugar Lip gloss will be your best friends when chapped lip season comes around. Sugar lets you keep up with that chic lipstick color while still giving you the perks of chap stick. Stick to a nude natural look or try a fun red for a holiday pop.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask

Nothing compares to this interactive masks cool refreshing feeling. As the wearer of this mask you get to mix up your own face forming mask, in the comfort of your own home. The second this mask touches your face your skin instantly feels the cool deep hydrating sensation fulfilling the masks soul purpose. There is no mask like it, it looks wet at sight but when touched has a rubbery silicone feel, it’s face mask magic.


Another one of my favorite masks! I use the brightening mask, which is perfect for rejuvenating your face and skin after a long day, and makes for the perfect mask to slap on before bed. No worries if you aren’t looking to brighten up your skin there are a mask for everyone. Firming, gentle, clear skin, hydrating anti-aging, you name it they have it.

Batisle Dry Shampoo

Come Friday dry shampoo can and should be a girls best friend! Being a natural born straight haired blonde I have found that Batiste works the best for me, for both getting rid of greasy hair and adding texture for styling. It has a slight white residue as oppose to clear, but once applied to your hair it enhances the blonde and cannot be seen. For all of you dark haired gals, Batiste also carries three dry shampoos that contain a hint of color to blend with your own hair color.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening DrySpun Finish

Calling all hair crazed beauties! Do you love a good textured lob or long textured beach waves? Keyword texture! If you are like me, all about textured hair, Bumble and Bumble dryspun will be your saving grace. This product goes on clear and is lightweight compared to many texture gels and hair cream. This dry spun spray makes styling your hair all the more fun. It opens up endless hair opportunities.