16 Gifs Only Semester at Sea Alumni Will Appreciate

This past Fall 2018 I had the most unique opportunity to study abroad with a Semester at Sea. I was apart of the 125th Voyage! These gifs are just a small taste of what it felt like to be apart of the Semester at Sea program and community.

1. When you see the MV World Odyssey ship for the first time: Image result for life is happening gif

2. When you and your friends plan what you're going to do in each country: Image result for adventuring gifs

3. When you eat food in country after eating ship food for two weeks straight:Image result for i had no idea food could be this delicious gif

4. Learning about all the countries we traveled to in global studies: Image result for life is happening gif

5. Coming back to the cabin after traveling for a week:  Image result for im exhausted gif

6. Waking up to "LOOK ALIVE 125'S" every day over the speakers:Related image

7. What you visualize will happen when you find your sea bae, otherwise known as bae of the sea: Image result for titanic gifs

8. When you're heading off the ship to go out in country with your friends: Image result for nemo gifs

9. Trying to keep up with time zone changes:Image result for broken clock gif

10. When you make it back wintin minutes for on ship time: Image result for on time gifs

11. Dressing up for specialty dining:Related image

12. Meeting someone new on deck everyday like:Related image

13. Whenever the WiFi connected:  Image result for happy gif gifs

14. Being alert of all your surroundings after going to pre-port: Image result for waking up confused  gifs

 15: Holding up your SAS flags for photos:Image result for semester at sea gif

16. Watching the ship come into port: Image result for foghorn blows gifs