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There seems to be a push in society to become more technologically advanced. The best way to do this is to instill in young children the importance of math and science, but as we do that, we are also telling them to avoid the arts.

Science and the arts are often seen as two separate entities that have very little to do with one another. You can either be a scientist or an artist. As someone who loves both art and science, I can say that this could not be further from the truth. When I sketch anything, I always examine it meticulously, in different lighting, at different times of day and in different backgrounds, this way I have a good understanding of how objects look and interact with their surroundings.

Scientists do the exact same thing with nature, the only difference is they are looking at the object’s properties as a whole while artists look purely at the visual. That is the basic process of creating art and gathering data, but it doesn’t explain how visionaries like Picasso and Newton came up with such innovative and impactful ideas. Both men made use of their creativity and ingenuity to move further than what reality show them.

You see, it requires an imaginative mind to be an artist and a scientist, in the world seems to of forgotten this. To me, science and art have only ever been separated by their application, but both try to explain the world, one visually and the other mathematically. The arts try to enrich your mind with sensory input in science does this with theory. Neither method is better than the other, both have their respective needs and it makes no sense to value one over the other, yet this is exactly what we have done

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