An Open Letter to Barack Obama

If you wanted me to say anything simply, I would say thank you. Not only to you, but to your entire family and administration. To anyone reading, don't worry, this isn't a comparison piece or me attacking our new President, but i just wanted to write a quick letter to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. 

On January 20th, at around 12 pm, we transferred the power out of your hands. It's been a day that many have either been dreading or excited for. Personally, I was dreading the day, but I learned to accept the notion that it was happening. In saying that, don't assume that I'm okay with it, because I am not. In no way shape, form, or fashion am I okay with what's happening, but I'm learning to accept the things I can't change. 

I want to say 3 things in this open letter and although you will never see it, I hope it resonates with people across the country or globe when they think of you and your legacy.

  1. Thank you for inheriting a terrible situation, making it better, and then handling the blame for everything not being perfect with grace.
  2. People don't all know it yet, but we will all be grateful for what you've done for this country one day. 
  3. Thank you for teaching me that anything is possible. 

All the best with your new life as a private citizen,

An Oxford Emory college student

All images sourced from Pexels