Get to Know: Raya Machaca

In the midst of studying for exams and cramming, we all need a break! How about taking a minute out of your time and getting to know one of your classmates?! We're happy to introduce Raya Machaca, one of Oxford's own!

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

RM: Hi, I'm Raya Machaca! I'm a freshman at Oxford. I grew up in Doha, Qatar and I am Lebanese originally, and my family still lives abroad though. I'm involved with a bunch of stuff on campus and I like to hang out and have fun.

HC: How did you find yourself coming to Oxford College?

RM:  I actually came to Oxford on accident. I didn't realize that Oxford existed and it turned out to be up really really good mistake. I kind of just checked the box that said to apply here because I thought, "Whatever this is, it must be a part of Emory."  It was a good school, whatever, I didn't really look into it. But, it ended up being this really cool place and I'm very happy to be here.

HC: You’re involved with a lot of things on campus this year. How do you balance it all?

RM:    Yeah, I'm definitely involved in a lot on campus and that's because Oxford has a culture of involvement, if not over-involvement. But, I I find that it's really easy to balance it all as long as you just time manage well and if you have a really good group of supportive friends. I think it's also important to know when you're over committed and when you need to say no and I've had to do that a couple of times this semester I don't think it's quitting if you're doing it for the sake of your well-being and making sure that you're doing everything well.

HC: Which of these extracurricular activities are you excited about the most?

RM:  I'm super excited about the Middle Eastern Organization on campus because we just restarted that this year. I'm also most excited about being a tour guide that's one of my favorite things to do on campus.

HC: Are there any exciting projects coming up that you’re involved in and can give us some info on?

RM:   Of course,  I'm totally going to use this opportunity to promote the Middle Eastern organization because we have a lot of cool things going on this semester and we're trying to spread a lot of awareness about a misrepresented community! We will be hosting lots of cool discussions and events throughout the rest of the semester, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

HC: As a member of MEO, can you explain a little more about what it is and how students inside and outside of Oxford can get involved?

RM: So MEO is just a really cool cultural group on campus and it's so easy to get involved just come to any of our discussions or events that we will be putting on and you can even request to talk to any of us or join the general body. Everyone is very friendly and just want to involve the rest of the community we accept everyone regardless of heritage, sexuality, race; it doesn't matter!