A Tale of a Girl Who Loves Commitment

There once was a girl named K.  K was in a relationship for most of her teen years.  She adored having someone to constantly care for. She loved shopping for birthdays and anniversaries and prided herself on how thoughtful and creative her gift ideas were. She loved holding the positions of her man’s best friend and lover.  She loved having someone, but what she loved more was being someone’s someone. K was not the most caring nor the most giving person ever, she was never one of those “omg look at me! I’m so kind! I’m saving the boy!” kind of girls. She just genuinely loved having someone to care for and rely on at all times.  Her boyfriend was like her leveled up best friend. She loved the commitment. So when the relationship ended, she was left longing for a connection.  K quickly realized how risky and potentially detrimental her wannabe-girlfriend tendencies could be.  She became aware that her love of being a girlfriend led her to give into manipulation more than once.  She feared that she would fall for anyone who made her laugh in an instant; that she would ignore red flags and become one of those girls who falls in love with the idea of a person instead of the person himself.  And she did, at first. Thankfully, Past K was able to slap some sense into Present K and she cut ties with the boy, voluntarily ending a situationship that was so close to the dream and throwing herself into another pit of loneliness.  It’s fine though, really, because she then was able to come to terms with the fact that her cravings for commitment and girlfriend responsibilities were not going away, and she was able to learn more about herself in the process. K is no longer blinded by love or lust.  She is aware of the fact that her mind sometimes tricks her into prematurely falling in love with strangers and knows how to evaluate who is truly worth her time.

So, if you think someone you know has been plagued by intense cravings of commitment, just understand:

She falls easily because she yearns for a genuine connection and someone to put first.  She wants someone to experience all of life’s up and downs with, someone to connect with on a new level.  Most importantly, she’s not desperate or easy. She’s not searching for a rebound. She just wants to pour out some of the love that’s been left bottled up inside her for months.  She knows from experience what she wants and needs. She reads people easily and she knows when she’s ready to commit to you.