Finding Closure

Nice coat. I remember when I first picked him out of a sea of students, a classroom of entirely too many people for a somewhat useless class. He wore a nice coat.


Big laptop. Rushing to my center seat in class, I had to scoot past the largest laptop I’ve ever seen while praying I wouldn’t knock it over by mistake. Little did I know it was the same mysterious guy who caught my attention before, who was now popping into my life.


Crooked teeth. As our bodies separated from the close contact of our hug I told myself to say something that would make him dislike me so I blurted out that he needed braces. Those crooked teeth formed the goofy smile I would one day grow to admire.


Soft Lips. Weeks later we kissed. I was full of anxious energy when I began to let my suppressed feelings towards him sweep out between my lips with every kiss we shared.


Meaningful hands. I’ll never forget how his hands moved in a shy way that encompassed the raw emotions of the awkward phase of having a crush. It started with his hands brushing against the tips of my fingers to the sudden discovery of the curves of my body.


Emotional Eyes. Months of misunderstandings created the streams of tears that pooled out of you, that forced me to apologize. Every tear was an inexcusable sign of the pain that I had caused him.


These are the qualities that made up the guy I spent the majority of my freshman year of college stressing over. Days I spent texting, and nights I spent visiting at the oddest hours just so I could see him once that day. These qualities are a very short list compared to the many other aspects that made up the man I know.