Why John Legend's New Song Is So Important

John Legend’s reputation precedes him when it comes to his social and political activism. A champion of equality, he’s someone to look up to — which is why I’m still baffled as to why he and his new song, “Preach,” are so severely underrated.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, I suggest you look up the music video as soon as you’re in the vicinity of a box of tissues. Not only is the song itself incredibly moving, but his video does a stellar job of highlighting what he alludes to in the lyrics.

[See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0r1AJMK79g]

In step with Legend’s outspokenness, this video boldly represents some of the most controversial issues in present-day America. Police brutality, school shootings, and the separation of immigrant children from their families, are all wrapped up into a devastatingly beautiful and powerful music video — a poignant contrast used to highlight the ugliness of these real-world problems.

Not only does John Legend visually depict issues that are likely on the minds of many Americans, but the song itself serves as an anthem to the importance of action. His main message throughout the song is that although national affairs may at times seem hopeless, sitting around and waiting for someone else to fix them will create a widespread apathetic mindset.

As he leads up to the chorus for the first time, Legend sings, “I can't see the use in me crying if I'm not even trying to make the change I wanna see.” Regardless of anyone’s personal views on the issues Legend depicts in his music video, the message remains relevant. When it comes to any movement we may be passionate about, Legend implores us to be the change we wish to see in the world through his powerful song, “Preach."

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