Women Empowerment Wednesday

The University of Oregon is filled with awesome resources to empower each woman on campus that ignites the best version of you. In this week’s edition of “Women Empowerment Wednesday, in” we’re talking all about the Women’s Center locate on the ground level (room 012) of the EMU.


The Women’s Center is the perfect place if you need coffee, tea, condoms, pads or tampons. Not only do they offer great physical resources, the Women’s Center is the perfect place if you ever need someone to talk to about anything. They pride themselves on being an inclusive environment for all on campus. They’re a safe space and they’ll make you feel right at home.

They also organize events on campus. This Thursday, April, 27th is “Take Back the Night” sponsored by the Women’s Center. The event will include many guest speakers and a march around campus. The rally is held at the EMU Amphitheatre from 6-7pm and the march is happening from 7-8pm.

Caroline Richelsen, a second-year student on campus, is an office assistant and intern at the Women’s Center. She’s the smiling face you’ll see at the desk at the front office. She’s available to answer all your questions or if you just want someone to talk to. (Trust me, I loved talking with her!)

When I asked her what it means to feel empowered as a woman she said that it’s the “ability to exist as an individual,” and that “empowerment is about existence.”

At the Women’s Center, you exist, you’re your own individual and you always matter.

Her Campus hopes you use every Wednesday to celebrate the beautiful women you are on the inside and show it to the world. You’re never alone. You always matter. Remember, be kind to yourself, empower one another and use today to show just how truly amazing, you are.