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From September 24th to September 29th, Project HEAL will be hosting their first annual HEAL Week.

Project HEAL is the largest non-profit in the US that raises funds for eating disorder treatment, promotes healthy body image, and inspires sufferers that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Project HEAL is an incredibly important organization, and I’m very lucky and grateful to be able to work closely with them as one of their National Ambassadors.

This year, Project HEAL has decided to host the first annual HEAL Week to raise awareness about eating disorders, highlight how members of the Project HEAL community are healing themselves, others, and the world, and to help others HEAL and know that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Our society is extremely misinformed about what eating disorders really are, which leads to a lot of judgment and stigma towards eating disorder sufferers.

As part of HEAL Week, I will be launching the #HowImHEALing campaign on Instagram along with my friend Lexie Manion! Throughout HEAL Week, I will be making posts on my Instagram page, @leenahlovesherself, sharing #HowImHEALing, and I would love for other people to join in as well! Share your story of how you’re healing yourself by posting a photo, a poem, artwork, video, song, dance, or anything else and use #HowImHEALing, and I will repost all of the posts on my page. In addition, on September 29th from 12:45pm EST to 1:45pm ET I will be doing a live chat on my Instagram page to talk about my healing journey, my experiences with Project HEAL, and how you can help support Project HEAL!

I’m so excited to be a part of making the first annual HEAL Week impactful, resourceful, and memorable. I encourage you to participate in HEAL Week whether it’s by simply reading through posts and links by Project HEAL and members of the Project HEAL community, by making a post on social media sharing your story of healing and recovery, or even by making a donation to Project HEAL to help them help eating disorder sufferers find lasting recovery. Eating disorders are not a choice, however HEALing and recovery is a choice, and full recovery is possible!

If you or someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder, visit Project HEAL’s resources page, or contact the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline by calling 1(800) 931-2237, or by texting “NEDA” to 741-741.

To make a tax-deductible donation to Project HEAL, click here.


Colleen Werner is a junior psychology major at SUNY Old Westbury, and she plans on going to graduate school to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in Eating Disorders. She also aspires to start an eating disorder treatment created specifically for dancers. Her Instagram account/blog, @leenahlovesherself, which centers around body-positivity, self-love, eating disorder awareness, and mental health has deeply inspired thousands, and after creating the hashtag #BopoBallerina, Colleen was featured by Yahoo, National Eating Disorders Association, Dailymotion, A Plus, Dance.com, and several international news outlets. In addition to her work on her Instagram, Colleen is a member of the Advisory Panel for YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance), a National Ambassador for Project HEAL, and a Brand Ambassador for Wear Your Label.
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