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Sprinter: Dressing In-between Winter and Spring

There’s a season in between winter and spring. It’s too warm to wear coats, but it’s too cold to wear shorts.  Let’s call it “Sprinter”.  It’s tough to put together outfits in Sprinter.  The good news is, it’s not all that bad.  One of the good things about this indecisive weather is it means the seasons are getting ready to change.  No more freezing temperatures! 

You can start incorporating more spring-friendly clothing pieces into your outfits; like on those rare January days when the temperatures is in the 60s. 

These layering ideas are a great way to stretch your wardrobe budget year round.  Bonus:  You’ll look cute and creative while you do it!


This look is perfect for warm January days.  It’s okay if you’re not ready to break out the sandals yet- neither are we.  This outfit will keep you cool, but it looks January appropriate.   It still has that cozy layered appearance to it.

This is a good outfit for days those cloudy and cool days.  There are enough layers to keep you comfy, but it’s still light enough to where you won’t break a sweat.

The last look is ideal for cool, sunny days.  The sun is shining, it’s but the chill of winter is still hanging in the air.  This look says: Move over winter, spring is on the way.

Have a fashionable Sprinter, ladies!

Multimedia Journalism student at Oklahoma State University.